Three Innovative Ideas in Smartphone Applications

Three Innovative Ideas in Smartphone Applications

When smartphones were launched, the two big operating systems were competing to have the highest number of applications on their application stores. Windows store could never catch and Apple’s app store lost to Google’s Play Store after a couple of years. There came a time when thousands of new applications were coming to the application stores but none were any good. It is as though developers were only competing to put the most number of apps on the market. However, applications have come a long way to become what they are today. Here are the three innovative ideas in smartphone applications today.

Three Innovative and Unique Smartphone Application Ideas

The Real Social

For a long time, people have complained about how online social networks deprived people of their real social lives. Even today, people think they have to make choice between their real social lives and the online social interactions. The truth is that both these concepts can be combined to get the best of both worlds. Many companies have come up with the idea of a fusion between the two worlds. You don’ t have to quite one for the other anymore. Some social applications today combine the idea by letting you discover people online based on their interests, and then have a face to face meeting to have some fun time. You could meet to watch a movie or to solve math problems.

The Healthy Lifestyle

Since the boom of fast foods and internet technology, people have struggled with their lifestyles a lot. Many people are now living with body shapes they don’t feel too confident about. However, the biggest barrier for people who want to pick a healthy lifestyle is the start. Today, there are some unique applications that have taken the concept of eating healthy to a whole new level technologically. There is not one but many applications that are focusing on this particular issue. Some will count the daily steps you walked and other will tell you how many calories are in the food you are eating. Some applications will reward you in unique ways if you meet your weight and lifestyle goals.

The Phone Interpreter

As of now, not many companies are providing this service because it needs not only an application but an entire system to provider phone interpreter services. The biggest and most reliable name is Chatlas right now. This is the only company with a complete system to support this service. Chatlas provides real-time interpretation assistance with the help of human interpreters that are accessible at any time of the day. These professional interpreters are located all over the world and can serve the customers during the call. It is important to know here that the interpreters have no access to any personal information of any of the callers. The human-based service is quick, safe, and accurate.

Final Thoughts

Smartphone applications have come a long way to become so mature. You can see that these applications have very unique concepts and they have been designed to take on real life problems for the people. Not to mention, they are equally useful for business as well as people at home. If you struggle with lifestyle changes, have issues with social life or need someone for interpretation, the above-mentioned applications are the best solutions to those problems.

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