4 Reasons Why A Fast Internet Connection Is A Must

4 Reasons Why A Fast Internet Connection Is A Must

You’ve survived your hectic daily schedule and just want to relax at the end of the day. You turn on your entertainment system flicked a movie or your favorite movie series. The video started playing, and just when you’re starting to enjoy the show, you saw the dreaded circle moving in the middle of the screen. Your internet connection is getting a hiccup and your video started buffering. After losing a lot of your patience, and couple of swear words, you gave up and just shifted your attention to your Facebook newsfeed.

Having a very crappy internet connection one of the worst things to have in the modern world of digital consumption. Fast and reliable internet is almost a basic necessity in some places of the world. Businesses, especially those who utilize internet connection as a part of their business operations need fast internet for their clients. Home consumers, especially the freelancers and other internet power users like gamers and streamers will need a high-speed internet connection from internet service providers to finish their endeavors.


  1. A fast internet connection saves time and a lot of patience

If you belong to the generation when a hundred MB of data will cost you a whole day to download, then you would know the frustration of waiting a long time just to get your files. A fast internet connection saves time and patience in waiting for a download to finish. It would also make your more productive because you’ll get more things done.

  1. We are now counting digital data on gigabytes

According to Vatsalya Tegwal, a Quora contributor, a minute of video on YouTube in 480p (the standard definition and the default option) will equate into 7MB of data. The 720p HD will be doubling the data it uses with 14MB while the 1080p bitrate will be using 27.61MB. A 10-minute video in standard definition will cost over 70MB while the highest option of 1080p HD will cost to more than 250MB. And that video is just a 10-minute video. If you want to watch a video in the highest setting possible, you’ll want to have a fast Internet connection to get the data without buffering.

This is the same with games and programs that you download. Games on PC are now kicking into 7-10GB per game, and developers are often releasing big updates to maintain those games. Apps and operating systems need to be updated daily. If your internet connection is not fast enough, you will find yourself in a situation where you need to limit your internet usage just to get the updates done.

  1. Almost every service offered is now cloud-based

Almost every digital products you can find right now are internet based. In order to use these products seamlessly, a fast internet connection is required. Games that require an internet connection will even require more data to load. If you’re a gamer and plays battle arenas, a few seconds of buffering might mean death in the game.

  1. Less hassle on business and workplaces

Information and document are important when it comes to workplaces. When a critical report is needed, it is important to get that report to the right hands to make decisions. This is especially true for decisions that involve life and death industries.


  1. Always choose the fastest data package if you’re an internet power user

If you’re choosing for an Internet Service Provider, it is a wiser choice to choose the fastest Internet connection that is available. This is not only because it will save you tons of time and patient (a couple of curses escaping your mouth). Changes in the internet environment (such as website styles, functions, and HTML5) requires more data than before.

  1. Always prioritize your needs


If a fast internet is vital to your needs, then always choose for a fast internet even if it is the more expensive option. If you’re a light user and only surfs the net a couple of times a day, then a slower but a cheaper alternative might be better for your budget. If a certain kind of Internet Connectivity is only available in your area, you’ll have to discipline your internet usage and make sure to focus on the more important things first.

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