A2 Hosting Review: Best Managed WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting Review: Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting a website for the first time always seems a hassle, especially when the person in talk has zero web hosting knowledge. While roaming around the internet, you will come across many hosting plans with irrelevant features to what you need for your website, even when you do come across some plans that are relevant, they come at outrageous prices, or the features may be displayed for advertisement purposes and you will disappointed after making purchase.

It is well known that WordPress is a great way of starting a website, it is a handy tool in the hand of both professional and rookie website designers, it is very simple and flexible; you can use it to design any type of website. WordPress is secure and efficient. But with all these great abilities of WordPress, it may not reach its optimum performance because of inadequate resources; one of such resources is the hosting resources.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a suitable hosting plan exclusively designed for WordPress website hosting, it has more than enough resources to run WordPress websites comfortably, thus, it brings out the best in your WordPress websites. As a beginner, you need no other hosting plan than this plan and these are the reasons why:

  1. You want optimum performance: as a new website with zero or little popularity, when you deliver a great user experience to your visitors they will keep coming back or even recommend it to others. And just like that, your website starts gaining popularity. A major contributor to great user experience is your website performance; a lagging or slow website will repel users off your website while a super-fast and efficient website will make them engage more with your contents. Managed WordPress Hosting plan can assure you of high-performing WordPress websites.
  2. You want 99.9% uptime: a slow/lagging website is even better than an intermittently live website. Some visitors may not even bother checking if your website has come back online. The best way to avoid this is to host your website on a dedicated server that is maintained by experts. Such a server is offered when you purchase a Managed WordPress Hosting plan from A2hosting.com.
  3. You are not so experienced in Web Server Maintenance tasks: setting up a website is just putting it in a server environment so that it can be accessed globally, but maintaining it requires continuous technical tasks like updating, back-up etc. such tasks often weighs down users, especially rookies; to avoid such tasks, the only sure way is to purchase a “managed” hosting plan such as WordPress Managed Hosting. On this plan, all the above-mentioned tasks and more will be performed for you while you need to focus on content generating alone.
  4. You want a very secure website: everyone want a secure website too, and the best way to get a secure website is to host your website on a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a server rented to website owners, only a single website is isolated on this type of server, thus making it less vulnerable to Trojan/virus/hackers attack.
  5. Live and reliable support: as a beginner, you will need a lot of support when things go wrong, only a dedicated and a reliable support team can work for you. Such support team is at your disposal when you purchase Managed WordPress Hosting plan.

A2hosting.com offers Managed WordPress Hosting plans with most amazing features; 20X Faster servers, site staging, free Jetpack Personal License, WP-CLI (command line interface for WordPress), etc. A2hosing Managed WordPress Hosting is affordable and has three different plans suitable for different web hosting need. Get more information or purchase a plan via https://www.a2hosting.co.uk/wordpress-hosting.

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