Get A Vivid Idea About Storage Racks for All Your Commercial and Industrial Supplies

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Storage racks have universal application in all sectors including industries, warehouses specifically e-commerce sector, shops, godowns, educational institutes, medical and many more. Design of racks depends upon its applicability and weight of the articles to be stored. Therefore, racks are fabricated for heavy as well as lighter article storage applications. Although many companies still use the traditional bulk storage racks, there have been inventions going on for using more innovative and space-saving designs.

Industrial racks may be of following designs:

1.    RECO FIFO storage rack

2.    Material: carbon steel or stainless steel

3.    Size: length x width: as per customer requirement

4.    Storage capacity: as per requirement of the customer and can be designed to store material of different weight, type and sizes and the rack are designed accordingly.

As per the industry standards, you can choose racks for domestic and commercial use. You can get carbon steel or powder coated steed material as per choice and budget.

Pallet racking in stores

Racking installation with wide aisles is the most advanced solution for storage. Stocking is done by means of forklifts, trucks, front-end stackers, stacker cranes or pickup trucks. Conventional racking can also be availed as a narrow aisle installation layout. In this case, loading and picking are mostly carried out by rail-guided or wire-guided special trucks. When storing a large number of pallets, double-depth racks layout can be selected, which will enable placement of pallet in front of another on either side of the aisle.

Conventional Racking has a flexible usable area with its adjustable beam arrangement for storing pallets and metal articles.

Types of Pallet Racking:

•    Conventional design Pallet Racking

•    Double Deep design Pallet Racking formation

•    Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)racking

•    ASRS type Racking

Drive in racking

Drive-In type Racks has provision entry of a lift truck from one side of the rack to pick up or pull out pallets and to drive out from the other side. This is possible because pallets can slide in the backward direction on a continuous rail. Forklifts can enter inside the rack to reach pallets in the stores, two or more deep. In this arrangement, you are restricted to the depth of storage for a particular bay determined by the size of your facility. Drive-In racks are typically faced with more abuse than selective racks due to the way they are performed.

What is live racking all about?

live racking: it is similar to pushback racking system; apart from the issue that you are able to load stock in one aisle and can discharge it from the next. A first in, first out system (FIFO) enables you to operate stock rotation conveniently. When you remove a pallet, gravity force and an automatic braking contrivance bring the pallets to be stacked located behind it to the front of the rack at a controlled speed, so your picking face is always loaded fully. Whether you choose wooden or metallic storage racks, you should ensure that the storage materials are sturdy and corrosion-proof. This process helps in a rapid pallet turnover for your overall concern.

Cantilever racking: This type of racking arrangement consists of vertical columns, base, arms and/or cross bracing manufactured from both roll and structural steel plates. They are often used in baggage and toolboxes.

It wise for a store owner to consult an expert who can guide him to select the optimum rack to arrange that is best suitable for his store. You can now choose customized racks from online portals. Depending on your commercial requirement you can buy or rent racks for optimum storage solutions.

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