How To Start a Web Development Company in India

How To Start a Web Development Company in India

Starting your own company is an exciting part, but the process of starting own business is not that easy as it seems. Some people have some great ideas, maybe talented web designer but taking the first step can be hard as you will be going from consistent income and stable job to the new field where the flow of cash can be quite volatile. Along with your designing skills, blend of strategic thinking, sincere efforts and a full-fledged plan will require to run your business successfully. However, those who are planning to start their own web company can refer to the tips given below.


The first step to start a web company is to ensure that you have enough equipment to start your company and deciding the business name and registering. A business name should be catchy and easy to remember. Next step will be company registration, and you can register your company as a sole proprietorship, LLP, Private Limited Company Registration, etc.

License and Commercial Place

Certain state licenses and permits may be needed to operate a web development company. As you are opening a web company, it is essential to have a place. In India, getting a commercial place is relatively sturdy. First, decide whether that you need to hire an office space or you want to set up an office in your home.

The second option should be more economical as you are starting with low or minimum cash flow. If you are in your place, it will be also easier for you to get the trade license.

Open a business bank account

Opening an account for your web development company will keep your finances well organized and makes your business appear more professional to the customers. Recording of various sources of income and expenses of revenue is critical to understand the financial performance of your business. Keeping detail and the accurate account will simplify your annual tax filing.

Know your Market

No doubt you would be providing the good services, but don’t offer what you are trying to sell them. Instead, tailor your services to their needs and try to know what they are looking for. If you are finding it difficult, then you can get some potential clients to tell you about their requirements for web designs. Once you have known your market, list down all your offerings depending upon your talent and skill set that what services you would be offering to your clients. More clarity about offerings means higher chances of success.

Establish a Website and define your Brand

A business website will allow your customers to learn more about the company and the services and products that you will be offering. Social media can be used to attract customers or new clients. Define your brand, because a brand is what your company stands for, as well as how the public perceives your business. Having a brand will help your company stand out from the competitors.

Promote your venture

When you are starting your own web company, advertising is a must activity. So, the next step is to build a foundation that will help you promote your business. Your website will be a great place to start growing and marketing your brand. You should also begin with social media, local classifieds or even can go for search engine marketing. This will work to get potential clients for your company. You can also go for some recommendations like you can contact the prior clients to recommend your name to others.

Find New Clients

Once your business is set up, and your website is live, now all you need is some clients. Finding new clients and closing deals is one of the most significant challenges you’ll face at the beginning of your business. You can find new clients through social media, or you can ask your clients to recommend your names to others. is a leading website which helps your start-ups by providing legal services like Trademark Registration, Business Registration, GST Registration, Private limited company registration, etc. These services will help you to deal with legal red-taping and with many other time-consuming processes.

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