Organization Made Easy: Blue Summit Supplies Legal Size Hanging File Folders


Organization Made Easy: Blue Summit Supplies Legal Size Hanging File Folders

Even with the benefits of modern technology and the best efforts that businesses are making to go paperless, there are still companies out there that have physical filing requirements. There is tons of paperwork and different documents that need to be stored. When it comes to physical filing and storage options, there is absolutely no shortage of choices and you can find a lot of variety at your disposal. There are some filing systems that are designed for specific storage applications that might be critical to the needs of your business. One great option that a business can consider is Blue Summit Supplies legal size hanging file folders.

The beauty of this hanging file folder is that you can use it for keeping records, charts and other important documents conveniently and efficiently organized. These legal-size folders are also useful in the way that they can be kept in a number of accommodating locations such as file desk drawers, file boxes as well as metal file cabinets. The use of these hanging file folders ensures that you don’t have to deal with any stacks of paper that clutter up your workspace. Similarly, you can say goodbye to having to deal with folders that slip under each other or slump in the drawer. With Blue Summit Hanging file folders, you can keep your information easily accessible and neatly organized.

As these are legal-size folders and not letter size, they are 14 ¾ x 9 ¼ inch, which means they will fit in all standard size filing cabinets. They are an excellent addition to an office filing system because the fixed hangers pave the way for easy hanging as well as simple file relocation. You can glide the folder back and forth smoothly for better convenience and access. The durability of the Blue Summit hanging file folders also adds to their value and makes them a great choice for an office file system. They can be used for years in tough environments as they are made with 11 PT paper stock and tough glue adhesive.

In this way, the files can hang together easily and be moved without any hassle. Apart from that, the hanging file folders come with clear plastic tabs and also replaceable white inserts that can be used for creating custom labels. You just have to bend the tabs and then slide then into the inside slots when you want to attach them. You can place the tabs on the top of the folder anywhere you want and this establishes an easy-to-view filing system.

The value pack of Blue Summit Supplies legal size hanging file folders comprises of 50 standard green legal file folders, 50 plastic tab holders and 60 paper label tabs. The tabs are adjustable and they can turn out to be immensely handy for organization in legal and law offices. The files can stay organized and crisp and can help saving in a lot of time and money. You no longer have to waste hours trying to find a file or document as everything is easily accessible with Blue Summit Supplies hanging file folders.

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