Xnspy Review: An Indispensable Monitoring Tool for Startups

Xnspy Review: An Indispensable Monitoring Tool for Startups

Startups are budding business ventures that are constantly fed by the idea and concept behind their creation. As the dynamics of business are rapidly transforming, startups need to be gauged at every level to monitor their performance.

Time is of utmost value when gauging the business progress. While you may be focused on achieving your financial or sales goals, time mismanagement on behalf of the employees could be damaging for your startup. This cannot be ignored especially if your business includes a mobile workforce. But what could be an efficient way to monitor your workforce without splashing a lot?

We have found Xnspy, an iOS spy app, which can remotely monitor your mobile or in-house workforce without demanding a lot of effort.

What is this employee monitoring tool?

If you have started a new business, you may not have a strong emphasis on monitoring your team—but trust us—it’s an essential part of your business’s success. You cannot thrive your business without employing any of the top spying apps for iOS. Xnspy basically helps you gather information about your employees by monitoring their smartphones. It can monitor their conversations, official conversations on Skype, internet use, calls activity, location, and a lot more. What’s more important is that it works in real time so you get minute-by-minute updates. This helps to better the business performance with real-time data at your hand.

Compatibility of Xnspy

Employee monitoring through their smartphones is a novel idea, apparently. However, it’s already a globally-proliferated employee monitoring tool.

But when it comes to monitoring employees’ smartphones, there are a few challenges. One of them is to have an app that works with all the different phones that the employees may be using. Normally, you’ll come across apps online that are only compatible with either iOS or Android devices.

Xnspy, on the contrary, offers tidy compatibility with two of the major smartphone operating systems right now: iOS and Android. Xnspy can be used on the iOS 12.1 and also the lower versions up till iOS 6.

But Xnspy is not just an iOS spy app and it is equally compatible with the Android phones.

How to use Xnspy?

Monitoring solutions are sometimes complicated to operate and you may need technical help to set up. This can only lead to an increase in the cost of operations; something most of the entrepreneurs are unwilling to do because of the financial constraint. Xnspy is quite user-friendly when it comes to setting it up as it does not require manual installation on iOS.

But there are a few things that you need to do in order to set it up. First is to have multiple subscriptions for the number of employees that you may have. Second is to pair the iPhones with Xnspy. Make sure the iCloud backup is turned on for this. This option is sometimes turned off on some iPhones. This needs to be checked because without the backup being turned on, you will not be able to get the updates on your Xnspy account. Once iCloud backup is enabled on the monitored iPhone. You would only need the iCloud credentials of the phone to pair it with Xnspy. Just to mention, this will only work when you employees use the company phones; otherwise, why would they share their iCloud credentials with you. Plus, you can’t really monitor your employees’ phone activity if you are not the device owner.

Once the setup process is complete by this step, you have to wait for another 24-48 hours to let the app upload the information on your online account.

How to access your Xnspy account?

Xnspy iOS spy app offers the ease of remote access from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you only need the internet to access your Xnspy account. To access your account, log on to cp.xnspy.com. Enter your login credentials in the black spaces and you are directed to the main menu. The main menu of Xnspy is called its Dashboard. It houses all the important information. The monitoring features are aligned on the left side of the screen in a vertical bar.

The information about the account, the number of days left and the device monitored is available at the center of the screen. One thing that is interesting is that it gives real-time location coordinates of the monitored phone and even its battery percentage in case.

How much do have to you pay for monitoring?

Currently, Xnspy offers two different packages for monitoring. The basic package is for basic monitoring as the name suggest. The features of this package are standard in nature. Since it lacks the advanced monitoring capabilities, it costs around $8.33 per month for an annual package.

The premium package has all the upscale features that are a need in the modern-day workplace monitoring. So expect remote controls, locations tracker, and watch list surveillance at a price of $12.49 per month for 12 months. Considering the price and the feature, you will find Xnspy way more affordable than its competitors in the market.

Why Xnspy for monitoring?

Xnspy is a relevant app for the startups because it can help you monitor your workforce in many ways without consuming a lot of your time or money. Here are a few ways it can be helpful to ease your monitoring troubles:

  • Monitor conversations: Remember, how it was a few years back? You never knew what was causing all those hefty cell phone bills. But now, you can know categorically if your employees had been using their official phones for personal calls. You can also see their texts sent or received even the social media activity. Business privacy is also affected when an employee conveys business secrets to the competitors. With Xnspy, you can see employees’ chats on Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, etc. All the calls made on the phone are recorded and the contact details are also available.
  • Controlling workforce remotely: When you are setting up a new business, there are many things that can keep you busy. Besides, your workforce is also engaged to address the client queries. If you are not getting enough time to see the performance of your employees, you can simply turn to Xnspy’s remote control features. There are many ways you can benefit from these features. One of the features allows the user to remotely listen to the phone’s surroundings. So if you have a mobile workforce, this could well inform you about their engagements. Similarly, prior to leaving your workforce for an outstation assignment, you can watch list the locations where they are meant to be, so you could know exactly when they make it to them.

The features and tools offered by Xnspy iOS spy app can be of tremendous benefit to a business. It offers its users a comprehensive oversight into every detail of their device use. You get all the reports and notifications on time. If you are looking for a smartphone monitoring tool for your startup, go for Xnspy because it offers the right mix of monitoring features, customization, and various other capabilities at your disposal.

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