7 Ways to Make Money as A Violinist

7 Ways to Make Money as A Violinist

The shortage of funds is one of the main problems for violinists. Gone are the days when musicians could only rely on selling music and touring to make a living. These days, violinists need to spend more time to find new sources of income. Despite the fact that sales of music recordings have dropped in recent years, you can use new sources for profit generation. Traditional and more modern ways to make money can allow you to make a living in an easy way. Some important ways to earn money are-

Selling CDs

If you’re going to play live shows, having a certain number of your CDs with you is an excellent notion. Always keep in mind that CDs are great souvenirs that band members can sign. CDs are widely used by DJs and musicians in cafes, music events, and singing events. Create CDs of your music and sell them in the market.

Digital sales

You can sell music through your website in order to earn more income. Online shopping of popular music is still in trends. Online shopping portals take a percentage of sales. (iTunes 30%, Bandcamp 15%).

Performing in Live Concerts

Sound recording is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Once having been at a live concert, you always remember the atmosphere that prevails in the concert hall. It happens because such performances are direct communication between the viewer and the performer. Big stars always feel the mood of the public and present exactly what the viewer wants. So, play music in live concerts and earn more revenues.

Play Music in Marriage Parties

Music at the wedding always creates that festive background against which the whole action develops. It starts to sound from the first minutes when the guests only gather and the action continues until the very end of the celebration. People who participate in marriage parties always ready to dance on new tunes. Play music in marriage parties and earn some additional income.

Sell Your Music Rights to Companies

Musicians who are afraid that they will be taken to a major label one day and lose the spirit of independence will allow companies to use their music rights. Now, they can manage their copyrights and place their music on iTunes or Google Play, receive sales reports and much more.

Advertising agencies, developers of various video games and applications, and the creators of various commercials and art clips often buy music for their companies & campaigns. Before selling your music, you need to take care of different things. While selling a track, the copyright remains with the author and customers receive a license to use the composition. Music rights are sold to customers for commercial and non-commercial use. When you create music, fill it with multimedia elements so that it can invoke emotions and make people go crazy about it.


Crowdfunding is a fundraiser campaign done for specific works. In this process, people join together and donate money to help those in need, to support sports, science, culture, political or social movements.

It is often used in the business when a talented start-up entrepreneur has a promising idea, but there is not enough money for a startup. Collecting donations for music creation is also a good idea. The success of any crowdfunding campaign depends on whether people appreciate your ideas or not.

In the beginning, you can declare exactly what purpose the money is being collected as a person who donates his money always wants to know the use of the collected funds. Create pleasing music and ensure maximum transparency and openness of information.

All information relating to the crowdfunding project should be open and accessible. Volunteer work, advertising and promotion, writing information materials are the options using which helps you to encourage people to donate for your cause.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website and search engine all over the world. Every day, tech-savvy people land on this site to watch their favorite videos and take the desired action. Therefore, you must also use this platform to market your music and get more revenues through video monetization.

First of all, you need to create attractive and visually impressive videos yourself or with the help of an Internet Marketing Expert. Upload videos on your YouTube channel & optimize it for the targeted audience. Based on the optimization quality, you will get views on your video and monetize the traffic to get more revenues.

Final Words

Being a violinist, individuals always look for new ways to earn more revenues and lead a healthy financial life. There are many ways to earn money when you are a violinist. You can follow these above-mentioned recommendations to bring your music in people’s attention and generate sufficient revenues every day. Good Luck!

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