Can GigaFX Deliver an Excellent Trading Experience?

Can GigaFX Deliver an Excellent Trading Experience?

If you are looking through online brokers to find the best one, you will definitely come across GigaFX. GigaFX is an admirable broker that has made quite a name in the industry in a very short span of time. The broker is focused on offering great trading experience to the traders, new and old. It is also working on increasing the size of its asset index to offer the best tradable assets from the biggest markets of the world. The company has attracted the attention of a worldwide audience winning it great traders from over 60 countries of the world.

Traders admire the fact that is very strict when it comes to the rules against money launderers. First of all, it has the KYC protocol in place that requires the traders to submit some important personal information at the time of singing up. In addition to that, there are some strict banking policies that prevent people from using GigaFX platform for money laundering purposes. When you sign up with this broker, you know your money and information is in safe hands. However, the next thing that matters the most for any trader is the overall experience of trading. Let’s take a look at the many factors that define the trading experience with GigaFX.

The Excellent Trading Conditions

When you sign up with GigaFX, you notice the easy trading conditions straight away. Many online brokers are focused more on making their money rather than letting traders make money. For that reason, they often have a commission policy in place. What that means is that you as a trader have to leave some part of your money as a commission for the broker every time you enter a trade. The commission is not fixed as it is usually a percentage of the volume of your trade. The bigger the trade you are entering the bigger the commission you will have to pay to the broker.

Things are quite the opposite with GigaFX. You don’t have to give any type of commission on your trades. Yes, the only thing you have to keep your eyes on are the spreads. There is going to be some difference between the selling and buying prices of the assets. However, the broker has done a great job of keeping the spreads tight as well. If you are a new trader, you would want to start with a basic account. With the basic account type, you have to pay fixed spreads. This ensures you know your spreads regardless of the type of trades you are entering. With other three account types, the spreads are floating but tight.

Leverages are available for you no matter which asset you pick for trading. With assets like forex currencies, stocks, etc. you can enjoy leverages of up to 1:100 with just the basic account. Go with an advanced account type and you can have leverages of up to 1:200 based on the type of asset you trade.

The Large Asset Index

Another thing that matters to the traders is the asset index. What type of assets can you trade when you sign up with GigaFX? The more assets there are the easier it will be for you to trade. That’s because you can pick from a variety of asset types and trade the ones that you think pose the least risks. What you are going to love about the asset index being offered by GigaFX is that it growing with time. Just recently, the broker went out of its way to offer its traders a chance to trade cryptocurrencies. You will see that even some of the biggest brokers are still reluctant to introduce this option because of the elevated risks.

GigaFX has done a great job to bring Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum for trading for its traders. Traders who sign up with GigaFX can now be a part of the cryptocurrency industry and take up any position that they like. You should also be glad that the broker has brought three of the most valuable cryptocurrencies of the world at your disposal.

The Many Account Types

A lot of new traders face a barrier when it comes to signing up with the online broker. They often have to choose from two or three account types. The minimum deposits they need are huge and the basic accounts are often stripped of the best features. That’s not the case when you sign up with GigaFX. The company has made a basic account available specifically for traders who are new to this type of career. This account is easy to open with a small minimum deposit but it is not devoid of all the best features. Free education, personal account assistance, customer service, hedging, big leverages, etc. are all the features that you enjoy even with the basic account. Things only get better as you move on to the bigger and more advanced account types.

Easy Withdrawal and Deposit Options

Of course, the more regularly you trade with a broker, the more frequently you will have to deal with withdrawals and deposits. With GigaFX, you should not have any issues when it comes to depositing money in your account or withdrawing from it. You can deposit money using many different types of credit cards. You can also use the bank wire transfer option. In addition to that, some of the most famous online payment options are also available for you to make instant deposits in your account. You can use the same methods to withdraw the money too.

Final Thoughts

Can GigaFX deliver an excellent trading experience to the new and old traders? If you have read everything with attention, you can say that the broker has already achieved that. It has produced some great trading conditions for new traders to motivate them to enter this type of career. Furthermore, it has brought them a trading platform that can be easily used on desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc. So far, the broker is doing an excellent job of delivering a great trading experience to all of its traders from around the world.

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