How Email Validation API Can Help Your Business

How Email Validation API Can Help Your Business

Inactive, inaccurate, and fictitious email addresses are a bane to 69 percent of businesses spending and relying on email marketing. Even if you implement strategies to collect email addresses organically, you’ll still end up harvesting spam traps. Sending email messages to any of these accounts can jack the complaint rates and bounce rates; and leave a dent on your sender reputation.

A poor sender reputation has adverse effects on email deliverability. This means your marketing emails, such as product/company updates, promotional emails, and event invitation, fail to reach their intended recipients.

Top reasons to use email validation

To maintain a good sender reputation, a digital marketing expert at Byteplant emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean and current email address database. This is where email address validation API comes to the picture.

Email validation or verification offers a solution to the perennial problem of businesses with regards to their contacts list. With email validation, you can keep your connections current with high value leads and loyal subscribers thereby resulting in better email marketing results.

Email validation API provides real-time verification of email addresses before they get into your database as well as old subscribers already in your list. This benefits your business in many ways that include:

1. Cost-effective marketing campaign and improved ROI

The best benefit of an email validation API is reducing your marketing costs. Every email message sent means money spent. By weeding out inaccurate and nonexistent email addresses, you can significantly reduce the number of messages sent and cut on your marketing expenses.

Validated and accurate database leads to better return on investment on your email marketing efforts. Expect your campaign statistics to show positive results and better conversion. The amount you save up can then be used to finance future digital marketing campaigns that can help further widen your reach.

2. Actionable insights

When it comes to digital marketing, data is king. Email validation can help gather actionable insights about your subscribers and reliable campaign statistics that can guide you in your future content themes and marketing strategies. This information can help further boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Email verification will tell who has used your products or service; who are the active users; and who are the first time visitors, among many other data. These insights also help segment subscribers that allow you to send appropriate messages to each group. For example, you can send a welcome email to those newly acquired and active users, a promotional message to incentivize users that have purchased your product or service, or updates related to the subscriber’s recent purchases.

3. Usable leads

As mentioned above, email validation API verifies email addresses as soon as they are entered into your CRM, POS, message boards, web form, sign-up forms and other opt-in mechanisms. It ensures that only working addresses get included in your database. As a result, you have a better quality database with more usable leads.

Obviously, the more working email addresses you have, the greater the number of prospective clients and sales opportunities. Studies have shown that email validation can reduce bounce rates by 75 percent and improve open rates by 20 percent. These statistics point to wider brand exposure, better sales, and improved response rates.

The use of real-time validation API alone can have tremendous impact in your overall marketing efforts. If you want to move a step further, you can even employ address and phone verification services along with email validation. This should significantly minimize the risks, boost your reputation, and acquire higher quality leads.

4. Enhanced reputation

Complaint and spam traps, and bounce emails can wreak havoc into your reputation as a business. As a result, email providers may consider your business as a “spammer” and begin banning you from their services. Email validation can help maintain your status as a reputable brand with Internet Service Provider, Email Service Provider and target audience.

Although we can implement measures to regularly update our subscribers’ information, the reality is that there are numerous barriers in ensuring a perfect database manually. You subscribers might not inform you right away of changes in address. This makes email validation important to keep your email marketing campaign remain relevant and reap its many advantages.


Along with regular list hygiene, email validation API can help avert the potential consequences of an ill-managed contacts list that include lost revenue, increased marketing costs, sales inefficiencies, poor customer experience, and damaged sender reputation. The benefits of email validation API for businesses are just too many to ignore.

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