How to Optimize Your Manufacturing Machinery for a Longer Lifespan

How to Optimize Your Manufacturing Machinery for a Longer Lifespan

As the owner or manager of a manufacturing operation, you don’t need us to tell you how important machinery maintenance is. If your machinery goes down and constantly experiences problems, you’re going to have a lot of problems, a lot of unhappy customers and a plummet in the levels of moral.

What’s more, without regular and effective maintenance, you’ll have to spend more and more money on repairs as well as replacing entire machines when they reach an unrepairable level — what a waste of potential profits.

The best thing to do is effectively maintain the machines for the best results and the longest lifespan. This gives you the most amount of output possible for the most successful business. Today, we’re going to explore exactly how you can do this starting from today.

Regularly Check the Machines

The best way to stop problems from turning into huge issues is to check your machines on a daily basis. Ideally, this is going to be the job of machine operators who know the machine.

Before starting up or on a shift change-over, they should do a basic check to see if anything is out of the ordinary and then take steps to get little problems fixed quickly.

Implement a Professional Maintenance and Repair Schedule

On top of checking machines daily, you should have weekly or fortnightly checks that look at the machines in complete detail. This should be carried out by professional engineers or trained maintenance operators within your factory.

This way, any small problems can be addressed, and you’re dramatically decreasing the risk that the machine will break down or become damaged. Make sure records of these maintenance sessions are recorded and regularly updated for clear and concise communication.

Keep Maintenance Training Up to Date

It’s all well and good having people regularly check the machines and keeping them up to date, but if they don’t know what they’re doing properly, you’re still going to experience problems. Make sure you’re updating and refreshing the training of your staff for the best and most effective results.

Test Operational Fluids Regularly

Every manufacturing machine will have fluids and oils that need to be monitored often to ensure everything is running smoothly and problems, potentially production-halting problems, don’t form. These should be checked and topped up daily, if possible, for the best results.

You can also implement products from Dynatect Manufacturing to help protect your machine elements and increase your equipment lifespan.

Keep Everything Clean and Tidy

The more mess and debris surrounding your machines, the more chance there is of something getting caught in the machine and causing problems. Enforce cleanliness and organization in and around the machines to keep everything to the best possible quality.

Things like offcuts, debris, and dust may seem insignificant, but they can cause serious problems if contaminating areas of the machines, such as pipes and airflows. Avoid any problems by having daily cleaning programs at the beginning and end of shifts.


As you can see, with careful planning and organization, you can help to completely minimize the risk of problems with your manufacturing machines, as well as actively increasing their lifespan for the best output and the highest level of results.

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