Hemant Lochav Makes It to India’s Wealthiest Young Entrepreneurs

India's Wealthiest Young Entrepreneurs Hemant Lochav

Just because you are in a particular field does not mean you are going to be best at it. Millions of people in this world are doing jobs that they don’t necessarily like. The consequence of working in jobs you don’t like is lack of achievements and poor performance. When you do something that you like, you make big achievements. The biggest secret to big success in life is taking chances. The rewards you get in life depend on the size of the risk you take. If you are an Indian and you are looking for inspiration from someone who has these qualities, you should look no further than Hemant Lochav.

Who Is Hemant Lochav?

He is a 20-year old guy who does not seem anything special when you land your glance on him for the first time. However, this 20-year old Indian has already started to change the lives of billions of Indians. Moreover, he is already on his way to change the lives of the people all around the world. Coming from a rich family in Delhi, Hemant always had aptitude for being a businessperson. Right from his childhood he would sell computer parts and software to his friends and family. He took interest in new business ideas. This exploration of new business ideas is a permanent part of his character to this day.

What’s Special about Hemant Lochav?

First, Hemant is doing what he likes to do. His work is his passion. He is not doing something that he does not enjoy doing. It is his love for exploring new business ideas that have made him what he is today. The first thing that will blow your mind away is that he has started his own company. The second thing that will blow away your mind, even more, is that Hemant’s company has already crossed a huge worth of $22 million. But that’s not it. He is working on a dozen new ideas of starting his own companies right now. He is already set to launch these ideas in 2019 while he is still just 20 years of age.

So, while the young generation enjoys time with friends and completes college assignments, Hemant creates new business ideas, materializes them, and adds to his worth. He is the fastest growing entrepreneur from India right now and his company is doing something that no one thought of doing in the past.

What’s NevertonY.com?

NevertonY.com is the company that has been designed to change the way real estate industry works at the moment. If you are considering selling your house, you will face a huge challenge. This challenge will be in the form of your sales agent’s fee. The agent will charge you nothing less than 2% of the sale amount. The pricier your house the more money you will be paying to the agent. According to Hemant, this is an unfair activity in the real estate industry. He has already changed things with NevertonY.com –a real estate agent charging people of India only 9,000 Indian Rupees for selling their homes.

What’s Hemant Lochav for Indian Youth?

Hemant Lochav is everything for the Youth of India. He is an inspiration for the young generation as he inspires them to become entrepreneurs. He is a perfect leader because he leads by example. He currently has over 60k followers on Instagram. These are people from all the different ages, careers, and fields. Hemant is leading the way for these people and his followers will only increase with time. If he can achieve such a huge worth and create a company worth more than $22 million at the age of 20 then no one should hold back from taking such giant leaps.

Bottom Line

If you are someone who has been holding back from taking big risks, let Hemant be an example for you. If he can do it, you can do it too. The time is not too far when Hemant might be the biggest entrepreneur of the world and his company will be the top real estate company of India. A company that’s built on benefitting customers is bound to be successful. This 20-year young boy from India is definitely a force to reckon for the genius minds of the world.

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