The First Timer’s Guide to Climate Controlled Storage

The First Timer’s Guide to Climate Controlled Storage

Are you trying to rent a storage unit for the first time? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Whether it is a temporary store belonging or shifting your store from downsizing or renting the storage unit will give you the best and most excellent space saving option. The storage facilities are also secure, easy to find for those who need it. The storage facilities give you a whole range of services and units so that you’re needs and the budget can be matched.  

On that note, here’s a complete guide you need to follow when it comes to hunting for the best climate controlled storage.

There are two types of storage that you should know about:

Full-service storage– A full-service storage will offer service towards their customers in ‘valet-style’. In this, the company will always pick up all the belongings and then deliver them to the storage unit. Maybe the storage companies will also allow the customer and the schedule to pick or get a return right with the help of a smartphone. Hiring the storage company will help the customer save from the extra hassle of delivering the possessions towards the storage units. There are many facilities that are full service where they take documents as well as photos of what belongs to you. In that way, you won’t be able to remember what is inside the storage. All you have to do is simply look the inventory list online.

Self-storage– Self-storage without a doubt is one of the most popular options of storage you will find available these days. The facilities here are safe, affordable and definitely a secure way to get all the belongings from home, including larger items, like boats. With the help of customers and self-storage, the customers will be responsible for all the belongings towards the storage unit. When they want to take any items outside storage, they can pick it up themselves too. Customers are generally held responsible for documenting everything that belongs to them.

Out of these, which one should you go for?

Most of the customers generally require storage. That is why they go for self-storage options. Such units can be affordable as well as easy to use compared to others. Instead of asking for a pick up from a good and full-service facility, the customers will use self-storage to pick up their own belongings whenever they want. If you have access to cars or haven’t been planning on keeping the extra items, then self-storage units should definitely suffice for you.

However, people who are living in certain urban areas can go for full-service storage. This is because most people living in the city like to go without cars. They tend to live within buildings that are high rise with the help of stairs and elevators. If you live within a city where such storage is easily available, then you should definitely take advantage of this kind of service.

How do you know whether you need a climate controlled storage unit?

If you want to store furniture and clothes, you will definitely need climate controlled storage units Clearwater especially. The biggest advantage of this one is that they will definitely give you a nice storage unit. Climate control will protect all of your belongings from temperatures that are extreme and humid. These units will also prevent mold, bad weather, and other conditions. Reports have other suggested that mold can grow on upholstery, carpet, wallpapers, paints and what not. Those who are planning to store such items should always focus on having a storage unit that is climate controlled.

What qualities should you look for in storage units?

If you are looking for storage units, here are a few factors you must definitely consider.

  1. Climate control

  2. How accessible it can be

  3. How many locks you can get

  4. Monitoring videos

  5. Surveillance

  6. Contracts and pricing

  7. Sizes that are offered

  8. Overall security and safety

  9. Lighting

  10. Online reviews

Now that you have got a list of to-do, make sure to incorporate all of them while you are on the hunt. Once you are done with that, you will require a little help with the moving part. But don’t worry. We have covered you with that as well. You can look us up whenever you want and we will provide you with all the help and assistance you might be looking for.

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