Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Personal Injury Solicitors

Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Personal Injury Solicitors


It is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when you are involved in an accident. There are a ton of questions to be answered, legal procedures to be followed and paperwork to be filled. It is possible that you might be trying to deal with such things while managing your pain and injuries. This is when it is the right time to consider hiring professional personal injury solicitors as they can help in ensuring that you will be fully compensated for any injuries that you might have sustained due to someone else’s negligence. Even though it is unfortunate, but accidents caused by others and not by your own fault do happen and can lead to injuries.

Such accidents can change your life and can occur anywhere, which include shopping centers, offices, and vehicles, through incompetence, because of defective products or even due to hazardous property conditions. By every law and right, you are entitled to get the compensation you deserve. This is where the legal counsel provided by personal injury solicitors can be immensely useful to you. If you are unsure of whether to hire professional personal injury solicitors or not, here are some top benefits you should know:

A personal injury solicitor knows what your claim is worth

When you are filing a personal injury claim, there is a good chance you don’t know how much it is worth. While there are tools such as a personal injury settlement calculator that can give you a rough idea of the value of your claim, knowing the accurate value of your settlement is not possible. Obtaining a high value settlement is a lot more than entering numbers into a program. You have to understand the subtleties of your own personal injury case because no two cases are same.

This can be done when you analyze your injuries, determine a value for your pain and suffering, know how insurance companies work and negotiate the final settlement. Pursuing your insurance claim yourself may not be effective because you will just be guessing what your injuries are worth and this can cost you huge sums of money. Most personal injury solicitors take cases on contingency basis, which means you will have absolutely no upfront costs. Thus, there is very little reason not to hire personal injury solicitors for representing you. When you hire them, it enables you to leverage their experience and tools for obtaining a high insurance settlement.

Personal injury solicitors have a calm mind

Following your accident, there is a good chance that you will be in pain and extremely frustrated. This means that making clear-headed decisions regarding how to move ahead with your case can be extremely difficult. This is one of the top benefits of hiring personal injury solicitors; they have experience in this field and instead of going on emotion, they will follow the facts of the case when deciding the right course of action.

Personal injury solicitors understand the legal process

Even if you have a good estimate of what the personal injury settlement will be worth, there is a good chance that you will be unfamiliar with the legal processes involved with mediating and litigating your claim. This includes not knowing how to fill out forms, what documents to file and the statute of limitations that are applicable. Insurance companies will be able to take advantage of this gap in your legal knowledge and get away without paying you on a legal technicality. Can there be any worse feeling than knowing you lost thousands of dollars just because you didn’t follow a legal process. With personal injury solicitors, you don’t make such mistakes because they know what to do.

Personal injury solicitors improve your odds

Going against insurance companies is no less than participating in a battle. If you undertake such a battle yourself, it is not much different than showing up to a fight without any weapons. Unless you are a lawyer, no matter how much you prepare yourself, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to put up a strong fight. The insurance company is well aware that it has a lot more bargaining power and knowledge and will try to use it to get the lowest possible settlement. Insurance companies don’t want to pay so they will take full advantage of your unfamiliarity with the law to protect their interests. Personal injury solicitors are the best weapons that you can hire in such situations because they improve your odds of getting a high insurance settlement.

Personal injury solicitors can take your case to trial

Most personal injury cases don’t go to trial. If you take a look at the statistics, they will show that most personal injury cases are settled outside of court. This is due to the fact that most juries are likely to rule against insurance companies. Hence, hiring professional personal injury solicitors shows insurance companies that you are ready to take the case to trial if need be. This will prompt them to make a more equitable and early settlement offer.

Personal injury solicitors are motivated to help clients

As mentioned before, professional personal injury solicitors work on a contingency basis. This means that they will only get paid when you receive the insurance settlement. This can be incredibly beneficial for you because you have professionals going against insurance companies on your behalf who are motivated to ensure you get the highest possible settlement. Moreover, as personal injury solicitors don’t get paid unless you do, they will try their best to get a settlement as quickly as possible. It is one reason why personal injury solicitors only select cases they can win.

It is quite obvious that hiring professional personal injury solicitors can be quite beneficial for you when you have a claim to make. However, one important thing that you need to bear in mind is that this only happens when you hire the right solicitors. Not everyone has the right experience and skill and the decision needs to be made carefully.


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