Top Online Business Courses in 2019

Top Online Business Courses in 2019

For most new entrepreneurs, the early days of starting a business involves a huge learning curve. Whether you have a Masters in Business or have never studied business at all, there will always be a new challenge to face and you will have to recalibrate the processes that enable your business to run and grow. This is where online business courses can be immensely beneficial. The best courses enable entrepreneurs in learning new skills and growing without ever having to go to a classroom. A few years ago, a struggling entrepreneur had no other choice but to consult a business coach or mentor or work things out as they went along.

These times are past as now online business courses are available that can aid all entrepreneurs in overcoming existing challenges, preparing for new ones and acquiring new skills. Listed below are the top online business courses to consider in 2019:

Startup and Small Business Law: Business Registration & More

Have you just begun your small business journey and feel overwhelmed? This is when you sign up for this course on Udemy. It comprises of around 2.5 hours of written material and video and provides you with information you require for selecting and registering your business entity, understanding important legal issues regarding intellectual property and internet privacy, hiring a business lawyer and more.

Understand SWOT Analysis

Do you know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are influencing your business and its performance? If you are not familiar with them, this course is one you must take. In just half an hour of video training, you can quickly learn the four-step strategy that is used by thousands of businesses for creating effective strategic plans and assessing the performance of their organization. The best part is that this course is available for free.

SAP Courses

Finance is an important aspect of every business and you need to learn how to manage it in order to ensure smooth running of your operations. Considering SAP Courses is important because SAP is now being used in almost every industry. SAP is primarily an accounting system, but is also referred to as an Enterprise Resource System (ERP) due to its complexity. It comprises of large scale accounting systems that include all modules that may have an impact on the business. There is a full set of modules, which ranges from finance to human resources, and can be helpful in running a business efficiently.

Content Marketing Certification from Hubspot

This is a free course and is one that addresses a very important aspect of the business; content marketing. It takes four hours and teaches you how to generate amazing content ideas and how to tell powerful stories that will attract customers to your brand. Moreover, you will also learn how content is created and how to distribute it in a systematic and informed way. Content marketing is extremely important for every business nowadays and you can polish your skills to take advantage of it.

These are some of the courses that entrepreneurs can take to be able to manage and handle their business efficiently and effectively.

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