Why Measuring Your Customers Satisfaction Plays a Crucial Role in

Why Measuring Your Customers Satisfaction Plays a Crucial Role in

Your Business

When you buy a product or a service, do you give the provider feedback whether you were satisfied with the purchase? Let me make a guess. You probably don’t – unless you were very happy or very unsatisfied with the product or service. Most people don’t. Why would you? If the product or service was just ok – why would you make the effort to let anybody know about your opinion.

The importance of customer satisfaction

If you’re running a company, customer satisfaction is something you should definitely keep an eye on. Did you know, that 96% of all dissatisfied customers don’t complain? This means, that the people who are complaining is just a marginal minority and you should be thankful for this angry little group of people. Even if it sounds weird. Have you ever been in a relationship, in which your significant other was obviously unsatisfied with the relationship, but for unknown reasons refused uttering the issue? If yes, then you know might get a better understanding of the situation we have here. In contrary to the relationship issues, that you might be having, for companies, there is a more or less simple solution. You need to ask your customers directly: how satisfied were you with our service? “Yes” you might say – “but do I really have to become one of those annoying companies that call you up on my mobile phone in random situations?” The answer is: No, you don’t.

Asking the right questions

In order to get a general idea of how happy your clients are with your service you don’t need to ask more than one or two questions. This will already help you to improve your understanding of how your service is perceived. One of these two Key questions is: “would you recommend our service to a friend”. I’m pretty sure, that you to at one point of your life had to answer this question before. Don’t make it obligatory. This is just a short introduction for what you need to do in order to measure your satisfaction. You can find more info here: https://blog.teamleader.fr/satisfaction-client. Asking your clients at the right moment without bothering them will create the biggest probably of having them respond in an honest way.



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