3 Strategies for Utilizing EXPO 2020 Dubai for the Benefit of Your Business

3 Strategies for Utilizing EXPO 2020 Dubai for the Benefit of Your Business

Stated to be one of the most important events ever staged in Dubai, EXPO 2020 Dubai marks the first time a city in the Middle East will host such a large-scale convention. In other words, this is a ground-breaking event for both the UAE and the greater MENA region.

Opening on October 20, 2020, this six-month event is going to have a significant impact on the economy of Dubai and will be a major catalyst of growth in a number of key business areas including trading, construction, transportation, tourism, and hospitality.

Additionally, it is likely to bring in a tremendous influx of jobs and companies into the Emirate while helping Dubai boost its international connections.

If you are currently operating a business in Dubai, or are looking to create a start-up in the region, there has never been a better time — particularly if you know how to use the opportunities promised by the Expo to your advantage. To assist you, here are three strategies for utilizing EXPO 2020 Dubai for the benefit of your business.

1. Prepare yourself for the new business opportunities.

Dubai is already known around the world for its unsurpassed level of tourism, hospitality, and retail offerings. However, the Expo is going to enable visitors from around the world to see how much more the Emirate has to offer. The sheer number of visitors (25 million are expected) and the exposure that Dubai is going to get as a result of this event are clearly going to boost the economy. Therefore, to take advantage of this event, you need to be prepared for the new business opportunities so that you don’t miss them.

Whether you are looking to start a new business or grow your current one, it is essential that you work with one of the top law firms in Dubai to ensure you have all your legal bases covered before the start of the Expo.

2. Position yourself to build connections face to face.

Networking is always more effective when done face to face. And with the significant investment that is going to be coming to Dubai, you can also expect more individuals to be moving to Dubai or expanding their operations. After all, the UAE’s influential presence in the area bestows a fantastic opportunity for innovative companies to penetrate the economy, as it is reasonable to presume that there is less competition than in a more fully developed market.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of the Expo is the number of experts who will be gracing Dubai with their presence. This massive event will entice those who specialize in the latest technology and design trends from around the world.

Therefore, in the lead up to the EXPO, you want to be working to position yourself as a thought-leader in your industry so that you can take advantage of the new connections that will be appearing. Find ways to engage with those who are already in the market, and then seek to figure out who else you want to connect with.

Remember that the best way to build long-lasting connections is to find ways to help the individual — you never want to ask for something without providing or offering anything.

3. Recognize the draw for high-quality talent.

With the infrastructure improvements that are going to happen around Dubai, you can guarantee that they are going to boost Dubai’s economy and position the city as a major international draw. This will affect not only businesses, but also high-quality talent from around the world who are looking to make their next career move.

If you pair these improvements with the increase in employment opportunities, the current focus on transforming employment regulations to be more flexible, and the new visa regulations, you can see why Dubai will become even better positioned to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce.

As a business owner, this means that you are going to have a more extensive selection of talent to choose from, which is only ever a good thing.

How is your firm looking to utilize EXPO 2020 Dubai? What aspects of the Expo are you excited about? What do you think is going to be a challenge? Let us know your thoughts concerning this topic in the comments below!

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