4 Calls to Make Immediately after Discovering Mice in Your Workplace

4 Calls to Make Immediately after Discovering Mice in Your Workplace

Mice can infiltrate your business setting when you least expect it. Having a rodent problem could create health risks for your staff and clients. They can also cause extensive damage to your building if not taken care of. If you’ve just discovered mice in your workplace, you should call these four experts (besides the exterminator, of course) immediately to evaluate potential damage. 


Some of your wires may have been chewed on by mice. Wires that are damaged because of chewing may cause components of your electrical system to short-circuit and create a fire. Signs of chewed or frayed wires in your system include sparking, static discharge, flickering lights, and outlets that aren’t giving power or give inconsistent power. A skilled electrician can check over all the wires that help facilitate electrical power and repair or replace them to avoid further problems. If you do uncover damage to your wiring system, it is essential that you allow a professional to do the repairs, as live wires are extraordinarily dangerous to work with and any mistakes could cause massive power discharges.

Insulation Specialist 

Mice and other rodents are known to use insulation materials within the walls of domestic and commercial buildings to make their nests. This is often especially true with pregnant mice that want to build a home to give birth to their young. An insulation specialist can check the insulation in your commercial building’s attic, basement and other places that aren’t always the easiest to access. A commercial pest control specialist can also help with finding weaknesses in your insulation that would allow pests to get into the building in the first place. If you end up calling a pest control service before you call for insulation repair, they will likely be able to refer you to a local insulation service that works well with insulating against pests.


Despite what ancient physicists believed about the law of spontaneous generation, rodents don’t just appear out of nowhere to nest in your building. The property around your building plays a major factor in pest problems. If your building is surrounded by open fields, or you have lots of tall grass or foliage around the base of your building, rodents will be drawn to live near your building and eventually find their way in. Professional landscapers have extensive experience regarding how the landscape can attract or repel pests. If you find mice or rats in your building, be sure to talk to these professionals and get an evaluation on your property to ensure that the proper steps can be taken to prevent future infestations.

Insurance Provider 

If mice have been found in your business, you should call your insurance provider immediately. Even though your provider may not cover certain damages and the cost to have rodents removed, making your insurance company aware of infestation and damage risk will allow them to help mitigate your liability. This is especially important if you are renting the property, as tenants are held responsible for maintenance and repairs to commercial rentals. If you report an infestation right away and explain both the measures you’ve taken to prevent this from happening and what you’re going to do to prevent it in the future, you may be able to avoid being held responsible for the infestation and any damages that occur later on because of it. 

Having mice in your business can cause damage to your business and the building in which it is located. By acting quickly and consulting with the right experts, you prevent any further unnecessary damage. Make sure that you inform your insurance provider of the steps that you take to address the infestation and prevent further damage, as this will show responsibility and transparency and potentially help in preventing your company being held responsible for the infestation.


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