Should You Invest in AWS Consulting Services?

Should You Invest in AWS Consulting Services?

Companies looking to outsource their IT for a more efficient operating model are often faced with a variety of new considerations without even knowing they should prepare for them. Will moving to the cloud mean losing tech support for employees accessing services on campus? What about remote support? If you do set up with a cloud provider, do they automatically provide outsourced labor, or do you need consulting services? Sorting all this out can be difficult if you’ve never used any outsourced IT before.

Outsourcing vs. Cloud Services

It’s easy to get confused about what is a cloud service and what is an outsourced service, especially since many providers of cloud services are actually outsourced IT services integrated with cloud services. The reason this can be confusing is that entrepreneurs receive vastly different quotes from different providers without realizing that one quote contains all support services and the other one is just delivery of the cloud app and platform or just a service agreement.

In general, if your company uses a custom-built cloud-based platform and relies on the cloud provider just for infrastructure services, you’re not outsourcing anything. If your cloud provider is also your core application provider, then you’re outsourcing and using cloud services. If you’re hiring someone to build software infrastructure on your own system and you own the servers, then you’re not using the cloud but you are outsourcing.

Hiring IT Consulting Services to Handle Data Management and Security

If you are subscribing to AWS, you’re probably receiving the cloud service without a lot of support, because AWS provides low-cost, reliable cloud service directly to industry, including to the industry that builds and delivers cloud applications. Hiring AWS consulting servicesmeans getting the expert help you need to take care of these integral operations:

  • Cloud migrations
  • Cloud infrastructure design
  • Data security
  • Multi-platform operations

Consultants also ensure you get uninterrupted service once your cloud infrastructure is up and running. They allow you to build exactly what you need, but without building an in-house IT department you have to sustain forever.

What About Risk?

The biggest concern entrepreneurs and corporate managers share when it comes to cloud computing and outsourced IT is security. When you trust your business to an outside operator, you also trust the safety of your data and your competitive edge to them. It’s natural to be worried about the risk, but keep in mind that your consulting service specializes in security for you. Also, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The biggest risks you run are downtime and accessibility issues, and a great provider can mitigate those.

Consulting services can build you the cloud infrastructure that suits your company. Look into custom solutions today.


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