The Primary Dos and Don’ts of Android App Development




Over the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for mobile application developers as the smartphone users are now more accustomed to using mobile applications. As a huge share of smartphone users hold devices with the Android operating system, many developers are trying their hand on this platform. In fact, Android and iOS are the two leading platforms even though there are many other mobile operating systems too exist out there.

The global mobile app market is a billion-dollar industry now, which is constantly expanding. With the evolvement of Smart TV and other gadgets, there is an increased demand for more and more Android applications, and many new markets are now evolving.

In fact, when it comes to Android app development, it is found that the developers commit many mistakes due to ignorance and also due to ignorance of changing technologies and trends. So, here we are discussing a few do’s and don’ts to be followed in Android app development.

Android development do’s

Here are some essential dos for the developers to consider in android app development.

Carefully plan the app development

When it comes to Android app development, the developers need to plan it carefully and intensively. It is important to keep the right balance not to fall into any Planning Paralysis where you do an only thing and don’t get around to doing something ever. There are many tools available now, which can effectively incorporate all important elements of successful application development and set an ideal timeframe to spend on each module.

Properly budget the project in terms of money and time

This also comes under the planning part, but time and money act as the keystones of any project’s successful accomplishment. Make sure that you have a reserve of both to cover up all major stages of your application development life cycle and that you also keep some in reserve for any contingency planning if needed.

Research the competition

There may be plenty of questions you have to ask while setting off with a project and leading it in the right direction. In terms of gaining market leadership, it is essential to consider who your competitors are and what they offer to the users. Whatever plans you have in terms of application development, there is a good chance that someone others may have already come up with a similar idea. Then you have to identify what enhancements can be brought into your application to cover the flaws of the competitors and offer a better user experience. It is essential to thorough research to identify this need and work on it.

Do marketing

It is noted that most of the app developers and not focusing on marketing their apps, so they are not able to make good money out of those stand-alone mobile applications. Many others developing mobile applications for business purposes are also not giving any specific care to the marketing of mobile apps, but they consider it just as a part of general marketing. However, you need to incorporate a proper marketing plan also along with the development of the creative application. You can make use of app store optimization tools also which can clearly distinguish between another random app and a successful app.

Ensure that you complete the app

It is also a part of a branding agency study that many of the developers who start with an innovative app development project and then drop in on hitting a bump on the way. Their confidence or focus falters overtime and ultimately give up without completing what could have otherwise been a great product. So, make sure that you always finish the app development projects you start with, then later you can think of improvements, expansion, or simply handing over to someone else to enhance it.

The don’ts of mobile application development

Don’t plan on a complex app

If you are into it for the first time and still trying to get grips on development tasks, never put your hand on a complicated development project. You may be coming across many issues with no idea on how to solve the logical requirements of your project and how to take it forward without wasting time and resources. Always learn to push your project in proper alignment with the time and budget. It is a good approach to start small, gain confidence, and then move slowly on to the more complicated development aspects.

Don’t be overconfident about the greatness of your app without any evidence

It is always good to have a great idea with you. You may instantly feel it’s the greatest ideal ever in the entire world, but it may not always be so. You need to cross-check your idea in terms of its viability, the existing problems it solves, and the technical feasibility of executing it before investing your time and money on it.

Don’t skip marketing

Developing a great application is good, but just as said above, marketing is essential for any application to get noticed and prompt the users to download it. The major difference between billions of mediocre apps and a handful of top ones on the Android Play Store is marketing. Proper marketing is the lifeblood of any products and service, and Android apps are no exception.

Don’t be unrealistic in pricing

Don’t simply price your app $10 as another similar app on the store is priced that way. Always try to keep a perfect value between the price and offered value. A highly priced, but average quality app will not make any money and on the other hand a great product, which is underpriced, also may not grab much attention. Do proper market research to identify the actual worth or your application and price it accordingly.

There is no doubt that app is going to be essential everyday life utility for individuals, so the developers need to create user-friendly and fully featured apps which the users would like to download and keep handy with them on their smartphone.

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