Your Business Website Could Use These Effective Design Elements

Your Business Website Could Use These Effective Design Elements

If your business website is struggling to pull any interest from web users, there are several things you may want to check.  Just like when your car breaks down, there are a few common fixes that should begin your investigation.

A business website is an evolving creature, and you have to keep up with the rapid changing culture of the web to succeed.  Check out a quick look into some of the most effective design aspects of a great business website.

Simple navigation cues for users

Navigation on your business website is paramount.  You have less than five seconds to grab the attention of passing web users.  If your navigation is sketchy,q they won’t stop to figure it out.  Make movement on your website self explanatory and natural for users.  

A stationary navigation bar will make exploring your website a bit easier for new visitors.  Also called a floating navigation bar, this tactic is used in most business design layouts for a clean cut aesthetic.  

Social media is important

You should build a social media profile for your business on all of the most popular sites, but you should follow that action up with several well-placed sharing icons on your business website.  This blog about hydraulic breaker hammers shows how relevance is key. The design also offers an easy way for readers to search through past posts, but the social media sharing icons at the end of the post are the real tool.  

Mobile users cannot be ignored

It’s not new news that mobile users outnumber PC and laptop users on the internet.  Designing has changed a bit due to this shift in the majority’s method of accessing the web.  You’ll need to think small while designing your display, but small in the way of viewing.

Make sure your buttons are larger for those fumbling fingers tapping away on their small screens.  Try adding media queries for an adjustable display, so your site will automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen currently accessing your information.  

You should interact with users

Build a website that encourages communication from passing users.  Your business needs to hear what consumers have to say regarding your brand, and your website is one of the most central locations to gather their input.  

Make sure to add the common “Contact Us” page to your website, but there’s more to communication than just one page.  Every page of your website should offer the viewer a chance to touch bases or share their thoughts.

Integrate SEO tactics in your content

If you’re not yet familiar with the ins and outs of SEO, you should get right on that.  Your business website will be far more effective if you integrate the tools presented by the concepts of search engine optimization.  


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