4 Inventive Offline Tricks to Promote Your Products and Services

4 Inventive Offline Tricks to Promote Your Products and Services

The arrival of millennials in the workplace has been a boon for the marketing industry. A new generation of computer whiz kids has pushed the boundaries of online marketing. They are full to the brim of innovative ideas designed to drive website traffic and increase sales.

This injection of new blood and youthful creativity has gone hand-in-hand with a decline in offline marketing strategies. But when done right, these old-school strategies are an effective way at promoting your products and services and increasing sales. These are 4 innovative offline marketing tricks you can show the younger generation of marketers in your office.

Use Stickers

This offline guerrilla marketing strategy works particularly well for products with a young target audience. Placing striking stickers in prominent places with a scannable QR code will spike viewer’s’ curiosity and intrigue them enough to scan your code.

This link will take them directly to your website where they become potential leads and customers. The more striking and creative the sticker, the more likely they are to scan the code.

Vehicle Wrap

Branded vehicle wrap will help your brand be more visible in the local community. For local products and services, this can be a valuable marketing strategy. Humans are visual creatures and over 90% of the information we process is gathered by our eyes. Branded vehicle wrap is an excellent opportunity to get your logo, product or service out there and get eyes on your brand.


There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities out there for companies wanting to get more exposure for their products or services. The key to effective sponsorship is finding causes and opportunities in line with you company’s mission statement.

If you pride yourself on being an environmentally conscious company, you may want to partner with an NGO to sponsor a tree-planting scheme. If you want to empower women in leadership roles, you may want to sponsor a local women’s sports team. Sponsorship should line up nicely with the ethos and values your brand holds dear.

Donate Products of Services as Gifts to Local Events

Donating products or services as gifts or prizes in local competitions is a good way of getting your name out. Not only will it provide an opportunity for increased local visibility, but the people that win the product or services are then likely to become life-long customers.

It gives you an opportunity to reach demographics that you may not usually be able to reach. For example, if you run an auto repair shop, you may provide a free vehicle service as a prize for a local competition. The local newspaper might run a story about the local competition and mention you. This kind of publicity is far-reaching and can churn up a lot of potential leads.

Offline marketing still has its uses. Not everyone is online, and although digital literacy is rising, limiting your marketing efforts to online communities cuts off a lot of potential avenues for business. The very best marketing strategies blend online and offline tricks to build a dynamic strategy that targets a specific audience.

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