Advantages of Working with a Staffing Firm

Advantages of Working with a Staffing Firm

Staffing firms generate about $90 billion each year in the United States, making them a truly vital part of the global economy. They’ve secured this position by providing immense value to small businesses and large businesses. So how do they do this?

You see, the quality of your staff is arguably the most vital predictor of the success of your company. Even if you use aspects of automation and technology, you still need those with the requisite skills to leverage both. And, let’s be honest — it takes a lot to know how to attract, recruit, and select talent. It’s a highly vital decision that’s better left to professionals, leaving you the time and energy to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll check out the advantages of working with a Staffing Firm.

They include:

  1. They have the expertise
  2. They have a database of qualified candidates
  3. It’s cost-effective
  4. No need for you to advertise
  5. It saves time
  6. They have a strong network
  7. Retention

Let’s review what each entails.

They have the expertise

Staffing firms are professionals whose core competence is about providing highly qualified temporary and permanent staff. They often handle virtually all facets of the process. This provides peace of mind for you because you can rest assured that they would have done the background checks required and that only candidates that possess the appropriate skills and experience are being recommended.


They have a database of qualified candidates

Staffing firms recruit for an array of organizations. Naturally, they often have huge databases of candidates that have been pre-screened. This can be invaluable if you’re trying to use temporary staff or even long-term employees. If you are employing quite a bit of staff, this database can be an invaluable asset.

It’s cost-effective

Hiring staff can be an expensive exercise. You’d need to check the qualifications of applicants, drug screening needs to be done. Some firms also handle payroll and other benefits. Thus, there can be huge savings when you use the services of staffing firms. Because this is what they do on a day to day basis, staffing agencies have the experience and technology to help attract talent, than your average human resource management department. And this can happen in multiple industries — there’s really no limit. It’s all about planning for and executing on productivity.

No need for you to advertise

Placing advertisements in many publications can be an expensive venture. The different amounts you have got to pay ultimately add up. When you use a staffing firm, they can use their database and network to attract suitable candidates for you. You end up saving the money that would have been spent on advertisements. Or, you can work the firm in conjunction with job boards like

It saves time

Staffing can be a time-consuming process. In some cases, it could take weeks or months. There is also the opportunity cost: some of your employees that may focus on staffing may have to leave their core functions during that period. When you outsource the process, you save considerable time, because the firm would have taken care of a huge chunk of what’s required.  Time, as you know, is money. So, ultimately employing the services of staffing companies can also save you money. At least indirectly.

They have a strong Network

Staffing firms have linkages with other staffing firms, so through the network, they can have access to many candidates. So, within a few days or weeks, they can assemble, pre-screen, and help select candidates with ease. This is because they can leverage the databases and reach of other firms. Through this network, they are also able to know about candidates that are likely to be liabilities. Not just that, but think about location for example. Let’s say you’re a company in Arizona, if you can find the right staffing agency in Phoenix, you have the potential to keep things local and efficient.

  1. Retention

Some staffing firms provide training for the candidates they select. The candidates are more likely to be more committed and are more likely to be retained for a greater period.  This is a benefit because labor turnover can be expensive. It’s smart to have staffs that are likely to spend a considerable amount of time with your company so that you won’t have to be incurring costs training and retraining staff.


To conclude, we have seen that staffing firms offer many benefits. They are cost-effective, they save you time, and they have huge databases of highly qualified candidates they can easily draw from. Instead of spending considerable time on the process of trying to recruit temporary and long term staff, you can be focused on your core competencies. Of course, you need to be selective, so that you ensure you are using the services of a reputable staffing firm.

What are some of the challenges you’re currently facing in recruiting talent?

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