Benefit your Business with Time Card System

Time Card System  

Knowing the time when your employees show up at work and leave at the end of their work shift is very critical. Undoubtedly, businesses are greatly affected due to the time theft made by employees. As a business owner, you should accurately track your employees’ time to save cost worth a lot every year. A time card system eliminates the need for attendance registers which can be easily duped with hook or crook. This system facilitates automated attendance of employees whenever they enter or exit the workplace. Let’s know more about this system.

How does the System Helps?

Employees tend to steal time by coming late, taking longer than allowed lunches, leaving early and other ways. According to a research, an average employee steals 50 minutes to 5 hours of time per week, which leads to a potential loss of several dollars every year. So, turning to automated time card system helps in tracking employee attendance and streamlining the tracking process. This system requires employees to punch in and out at the beginning and end of each workday, giving employers an actual look into their working hours.

Benefits of Using the System

Implementing a time card system in your workplace is like an investment for your business. There are several benefits of having one:

  • It requires the employees to record their checking in and checking out time more accurately and precisely
  • It saves your productive time that your employees would have wasted in manually entering the details
  • It reduces chances of errors and duping while manually writing the working hours in a register
  • It allows your accounting staff and HR department to upload or sync the employee hours into their payroll system

Things to Consider while Selecting a System

There are several factors that you must consider while selecting a time card system for your business:

  • Accuracy: The sole purpose of installing this system is to note accurate timings of employees’ checking in and out. If it’s not accurate, it’s of no use. So, the first and most important factor to consider is that it should be accurate and error-free.
  • User-friendly: You would not want to waste hours on training your employees on how to use the system. So, it should have a user-friendly interface so that everyone can learn how to use it quickly.
  • Reporting: In addition to noting down the timings, the system should be capable of providing detailed reports as well. If it has been connected to the payroll system of the HR department, it should provide reports related to that also.
  • Customisable: Since you would want the time card system to customise as per your business needs, it should be customisable as your individual needs. Having a user-friendly interface, it should not be difficult to do either.
  • Feature-rich: Time card systems come with a variety of features, which you can choose as per your business needs and preferences. Have a look at the features you want in your system and choose the one that offers all those.

Features to Look for:

A time card system can come with a variety of features that you can look for. Some of the most sought after ones include:

  • Virtual time clock accessible from a mobile app or browser
  • High-security options
  • Biometric scanners
  • Additional controls to allow tracking of employees’ working hours and attendance
  • Ability to approve time-off requests of certain employees
  • Real-time ability to see whether an employee is in office, checked out or on a break
  • Adjustable pay rules
  • Scheduling features to schedule employee shifts

Whichever time card system you choose, make sure it is easy to use and provides excellent customer support. By choosing the right system for your business, you can boost employee loyalty and increase your productivity.

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