How Magnetic Is Creeping into Modern Technology for All the Good Reasons

How Magnetic Is Creeping into Modern Technology for All the Good Reasons

Magnets are like nature’s magic. They will stick to certain metal surfaces but can also repel each other with the same force. Their attraction and repulsion makes them usable in everyday technology. With a better understanding of how they work, modern scientists and engineers are using magnets that way they are supposed to be used. Let’s take a look at some of the new products that use magnets and offer additional benefits on their counterparts.

The Three Examples of Great Use of Magnets

Maglev Trains

As stated above, it is not just the attraction but also the repulsion of magnets that can be put to use. Japanese engineers have done just that. They have put the magnetic repulsion to good use and invented trains that can go faster than your imagination. These trains use magnets in the place of their wheels. The repulsion between the magnets in the tracks and those fitted to the bottom of the train makes the train hover in air. You can attain some crazy fast speeds when you get rid of friction like the Japanese have with Maglev technology. The only thing that engineers have to do is to make this technology safer than ever before.

Sports Gear

Magnetics are creeping into sports gear and accessories quite fast. One of the main reasons for introducing them in this domain is to make sports safer than ever. Insertion of magnets in helmets will make rugby and American football safer as these magnets will prevent the helmets from bumping into each other with full force. In addition to that, you have Ophena working on magnetic stirrups. You can visit the website of the company to know amazing this product is for horse riders. These stirrups have magnets in them that allow you to maneuver freely while you are riding and offer additional safety in the case of falls. They are premium looking and a perfect product for new riders as they learn horse riding.

Magnetic Pills

While these pills might not have become a reality as of yet, scientists are definitely working fast on the idea. Magnetic pills are just what the name suggests. These pills will contain traces of magnetic particles. The idea is to take the pill to insert the magnetic particles into the bloodstream. Some new ways of injecting these particles might get invented later. These magnetic particles will stick to cancer cells, gather them in one place, and help doctors remove them. The technology is being worked on right now. Google is an active contributor to it and the tech giant believes that revolutionizing the medical industry with this idea might not be so difficult after all.

In the end, it is amazing to see how magnets hold the power to change the world entirely. Humankind is still exploring new ways to use this technology to its advantage. What seems mindboggling right now might just be the start of something that will completely dazzle your senses when it starts to become a part of your real life.

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