Six-Figure Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Six-Figure Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Even though our economy has shown some improvement in the last decade, many people still find it necessary to pick up extra work. In fact, more than 40 million people in the US have a side hustle. Even budding full-time entrepreneurs began their ventures as side hustles before moving to complete self-employment. But even if you never intend to leave your day job, you can start some businesses that can earn you six figures, even part-time. Some of the best ones include minimum investment and labor you can outsource. Here are just a few you can start today.

Online sales

Selling items online is a business you can scale to six figures fairly quickly if you’re willing to put in the work. But even if you do it on the side, there’s no reason you can’t expand it over time. Many people start out selling stuff around their house on eBay. Then, they use that money to buy products from places such as thrift stores and estate sales.

But some of the most successful online sellers find profitable products to flip on Amazon. You can sell used items in certain categories on Amazon. But you can also buy sale items or b stock supply from store liquidation sales. B stock is simply merchandise that was returned to the store and can no longer be sold there as new. However, it can usually still be sold on online marketplaces for top dollar.

The great thing about this business model is that it can be as part-time as you’d like it to be. You can do a lot of shopping online. And a lot of the necessary tasks can be hired out. For example, you can pay someone to photograph and list your items. And you can even pay them to package and ship your inventory.

Car sales

Many people don’t realize you can flip cars in your spare time. It’s a great way to make money when you don’t have a ton of time to devote to the business. You can find used cars on sites like Craigslist or Autotrader. Or you can shop at local car auctions to find the best deals.

Once you buy the cars, you can either do some minor repairs on them or sell them as-is. This business is best suited for someone who knows enough about cars to spot a good deal. But even if you don’t, it’s not too difficult to learn. Downloading a copy of the Kelley Blue Book will help you with pricing. But you can also take along a mechanic friend to do a quick inspection under the hood.

If you find that you enjoy working with cars, as many who venture into the profession often do, you might consider taking steps to elevate your trade. These steps include enrolling in automotive, diesel and collision repair academic programs, leasing a spacious lot to repair and park your cars, and even getting your dealer license.


This one may shock you. But in some areas, dog-walkers actually make an average of about $120,000 a year working part-time. Perhaps this is because more Americans own pets today than they used to. Or it could just be because people value their pets more. But either way, the need for this service isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As a dog-walker or pet-sitter, you’ll usually pick up pets from their owners’ homes and walk them or take them to dog parks for certain periods of time. You’ll also typically be responsible for making sure they’re fed and have water after their exercise. Many dog-walkers share their GPS info with their clients so they can check on their pets’ locations at any time.

The way to scale this business up is either to live in an area such as Orange County, where the pay for this job is already high. Or you can hire other walkers and take a cut of the profit. These extra walkers can either work on your shift and help you out with additional dogs. Or they can work different shifts so you can offer 24-hour service.

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