Top 7 Ways Playing Video Games Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Top 7 Ways Playing Video Games Make You a Better Entrepreneur

For several years, the concept of playing video games has been stigmatized as being for lazy people and not individuals who are successful business owners or career professionals. This is a fallacy and is certainly not true. The beauty of knowledge is that it is not always logical. Heck, if knowledge was all logical, there won’t be need for schooling since we would all be able to predict issues by means of logical reasoning. It is amazing to note that contrary to public opinion, several benefits can be derived from playing video games and everyone could benefit from them. Entrepreneurs, for instance, stand to gain a lot from playing video games and some of the benefits are discussed below;

Boost your Concentration and Creativity: The perception of a good entrepreneur is someone who should always be busy and have no time for relaxation or playing video games. For some, this might be true but in reality, when you overwork your mind, you tend to lose concentration and get stressed out mentally and physically. This will, in turn, diminish your creativity level. Playing games introduce a sense of thrill and relaxation that stimulates the body into a relaxed mood which boosts concentration and creativity. There is a range of video games available today that demands quantitative reasoning and strategy to play. Some of these games can be found on friv 2, playing them can enhance your concentration level and creativity at work.

Helps you to Take Proper Decisions: One major attribute of entrepreneurship is that it entails lots of decision making. Right before deciding on what kind of business venture to undertake, through the formation and development of the business, the entrepreneur continues to make decisions and this will continue as long as the business remains active. Major decisions in career, business or relationships are not meant to be taken in a hurry. They require scrutiny and consideration of all possible outcomes and implications before a decision should be reached. When video games are played, the player is required to make decisions sometimes in split seconds that could determine whether they win or lose the game. By continually playing these kinds of games, entrepreneurs can build the capacity to make decisions. They have already developed their capacity to consider outcomes before making a decision; hence they are more likely to make correct decisions than non-game players.

Helps to Deal with Mistakes and Failures: Any successful entrepreneur must have made some mistakes or miscalculations in the past. When mistakes have been made, it is easy to feel negative and disillusioned with things. The negative feelings if not stopped can linger on for long and make the person grumpy and unfriendly. When mistakes have been made, the best thing is to get it out of mind and move on. Moving on is not as easy as it seems, but playing video games make it easier. Through this, the entrepreneur will be able to adjust to reality and rebound from the mistake committed.

Helps You to Follow Instructions Properly: Most video games come with instructions which must be complied for any progress to be made or reward earned. Adherence to instructions is one of the virtues that enhance success in life. Playing video games helps an entrepreneur become more interested in following instructions. This connotes that when they read books or attends seminars and conferences later, they are able to glean knowledge from these resources and apply to their businesses accordingly.

Helps to build Hand-Eye Coordination: Playing a video game involves staring at a screen. The concentration level that most video games involve can help the individual enhance their hand-eye coordination. Regular playing of video games boosts the sensory-motor skills and this is why video games may be recommended for individuals with poor hand-eye coordination skills.

Helps to Cope with Stress: Stress is a normal part of life. Regardless of what you do as an entrepreneur, if your activities involve dealing with people and making decisions, you will certainly encounter stress in your life at some point. When you feel stressed what should you do to compensate your body? Relax and play video games. The combination of these will help you bounce back from stress a lot better. Do you need help with games that can help you relieve stress? Check them out on friv games

Build Better Teamwork: As an entrepreneur, you need your staff to work together for the business to move forward. Incorporating video games among the social activities at the workplace can help you improve the cohesion among the staff. This is because gaming helps to improve communication at work, increases the level of motivation of the staff and stimulates the brain to be more creative. Add all these together and your workplace would be more fun, lively and productive.

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