Six Best Strategies to Help You Increase Your Company’s Revenues

Handle your prospective clients and your current clients in a specific way and your sales revenues are bound to increase. There are a number of things you can do in order to make sure that you seize every opportunity you get in order to increase sales revenues and give your sales, customer service, and marketing teams what they need in order to bring in more business.

1. Make the most of leads

More than 50% of your leads might be qualified, but just not ready to buy yet. They might not have the budget or a great need right now, but that does not mean they won`t at some point. If you use Salesforce, install the AutoMagic Sync 360 and Timelines Apps from Floating Apps. It will help you bring Gmail to Salesforce along with the contacts that the sales reps add and to have access to a full history of communication with a lead. This will allow you to easily set follow-up dates in the future and to easily convert a lead into a client.

2. Facilitate communication

Your different teams must get along otherwise there may be awkward situations when one representative contacts a client without knowing that he or she is already engaged in active conversation with a different department, regarding an important issue. The Timelines app solves this for you as a general overview of all communication with clients will always be readily available.

3. Personalize offers

Sending general e-mails is easier, granted. But they are almost 20 times less successful than relevant e-mails that are actually read and that generate results. When you follow-up on a client try sending an email with a personalized offer, based on what you already know about the client from the info you get in previous communication with him or her. When data is synced through AutoMagic Sync, you know that everything remains in the system, even if a sales rep leaves the company, so when another one will do the follow-up, he or she can do it in an efficient manner.

4. Automate more

Use automation tools and apps that take care of simple and repetitive tasks like adding information into SalesForce, writing reports or adding contacts in certain software. There are plenty of apps that do that. They free up a lot of time for your sales reps and marketing personnel, so they can focus on communicating with client and qualifying leads. Automation is also a better option because this way no contact or conversation slips through the cracks.

5. Use cross-selling and up-selling strategies

Always be offering a similar product that might work with what the client already has. Or try to offer something better and a little more expensive than the option they have already chosen. Selling more to an already established client is a great way to increase your revenue without investing more in advertising.

6. Make sure the sales process runs smoothly

Through apps like AutoMagic Sync 360 make sure that sales reps make it to all the meetings that they have set, that the customer service team always knows what is going on with a client, and that you always know who is responsible for an account. Make sure that the contact data and e-mail conversations with a client are not lost, but part of a coherent and easy to follow centralized conversation.  You can later use this to give feedback to sales reps or improve the sales process.

Small changes like these ones can help your team achieve more with less effort. Much of the information and tools you need to increase revenue are already available, you just need to start using them right away.

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