3 Important Habits We See in Successful Sales Managers

Who wins in the game of sales? I`d go for the resourceful, the prepared and the disciplined. In sales, probably more than in any other activity, you need to stay disciplined even when the odds seem against you and you need to use your time in a smart way. Successful sales managers don`t play it by the ear, they like to have control over the sales process and the only way to do that is to have more information than anyone else and to always be prepared. Here are the three most habits of successful sales managers:

1. They make a “warm call” every day – Sales managers come in when a problem arises and they usually help in getting the big accounts or make the big close with a difficult client. But what sales managers also do is to understand that maintaining a good relationship with current clients is crucial. They also know it is easier to sell to someone who knows you and trusts you. That is why they make it a rule to call at least one person they know every day to maintain contact or even to sell in a subtle way. They go even further, they like to communicate with the sales reps at the end of each day, preferably in a 1-on-1 mode and find out how they can help. So get more personal.

2. They save every contact and lead. Sales managers know how important business contacts are so they cherish them and won`t accept losing them. That is why many use AutoMagic Sync from Floating Apps for a seamless Salesforce integration with Google contacts. This way they know that every contact added by sales reps is automatically fetched in Salesforce and will stay there even if the sales rep decides to leave the company. When you have a contact and know something about the person on the other side of the screen or who will answer the phone, you are in advantage. So make the habit to fetch and organize business contacts so you can use them later.

3. They get up to date about each business account. How can you discuss a matter with your sales reps if you don`t know what has been going on with a certain account? Now, I know it is difficult to know everything, but this is true only if you are not yet using AutoMagic Sync 360 and Timelines from Floating Apps. These apps, which are partly free, will offer you a quick view of all the communication between your sales reps or account managers and the clients. You will be able to see it in a chronological and organized form, so you can prepare in under five minutes for every meeting. This will give you the upper hand and will allow you to offer useful input to your sales reps. So make your life easier and install these apps. You need no technical knowledge, everything is done almost automatically and your sales reps will not have to do anything extra.

Business and sales managers that get better results have successful habits. They have seen what works and what doesn’t and insist on doing the things that bring real results, even if that requires extra effort. You can also start a new habit. Make a few changes in your daily routine, use the right apps and you will too achieve better results. Use the power of excellent habits in your advantage.

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