Cubot P9 Is The Affordable Luxury For You

This is the world of smartphones and tablets. Desktop computers have become a thing of the past. Everyone wishes to have a smartphone or a tablet today but the high prices of these devices prevent a millions of people from fulfilling their wishes. Cubot P9 comes to the rescue and lets the people with dreams fulfill their dreams. This is probably the best Android phone you can get in the market with amazing features and almost everything that you would expect from a high-end and expensive smartphone. This is more like a phablet with the traits of a tablet and smartphone in it.

The hardware components are amazing and its features are impressive. Cubot has done its users a great favor by offering a dual core processor at such an affordable price. The dual core processor runs at 1.3GHz. There is 512MB of RAM on this tablet, which is not the best you will get on an Android phone but you must prepare to spend a lot of money to get the additional RAM on other smartphones. The internal memory of the Cubot P9 is 4GB but you can always install an external 8GB card on it to get more memory for your songs, photos and videos.

The screen you get on this phablet is a big 5-inch screen to provide you the uncompromising movie watching and gaming experience. This 5-inch screen it loaded with 960×540 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9 for a perfect video watching experience. You will be able to operate it with two of your fingers simultaneously. Having multiple SIMs has become quite common these days and so this phablet comes with dual SIM capacity too. It also has a micro USB port so you can transfer the data on this phablet at greater speeds than before. Full specs are published here.

Coming to the entertainment and fun side, this phablet boasts an 8MP camera so you can take breathtaking pictures from it. If you are a person who does video chats with friends or officially, it has a 2MP camera at the front too. People love having live wallpapers on their smartphones and tablets today – something they can’t enjoy on their laptops that easily. This phablet allows its users to have live wallpapers on it too. It supports a huge range of file types whether they are video, audio or text files. It records videos too so you can store your memories as they happen.

Bluetooth, calendar, WiFi, alarm, video calling etc. and many other features make this a complete phablet and one that can compete with the best in the market. It comes with its own leather case to protect it. The package is complete when it reaches you with an earphone and USB cable too. It has an amazing and fashionable design for the modern users with minimal bezels on the sides of the screen and rounded edges. At only 10mm thick this phablet is one stylish and complete device you must have today for a price of $95.54 at

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