Let Your Shopping Go Social With Qporia

People love to socialize and that we know from the popularity of social networking platforms on the internet. Leaving comments on pictures, talking about brands, discussing their moods etc. all is happening on social networking websites. However, there has been something missing in this social networking experience all-together – shopping. Qporia has come up with the most appealing and unique idea of making the shopping process a social process too. The true passionate individuals about shopping love to share their purchases with their friends and get their comments on them. Qporia takes things a few steps ahead of that.

Qporia gives you an online social shopping experience. You get to look at the products that you wish to buy or are interested in buying in future and then add them to your wish-list. This wish-list can not only be viewed by you but your friends in your social network as well. Imagine a place where you can socialize with your friends and also have a wish-list of items you want to buy with you all the time. The shared wish-list would make the process of buying a birthday gift for friends so much easier as they can just pick an item off the list.

You also have the option to tag your friends when you look at a product and think your friend will be interested in it. The best thing here is that Qporia makes it extremely easy for you to find any product you want. The search features on the website are extremely powerful and products from hundreds and thousands of different stores are available on the website for buying. Currently, there are more than 50,000 products that you can search from on Qporia. All these products have been made available on the social network by hundreds of stores that sell them.

Of course, you can share a lot of stuff with your friends on other social networking platforms too. However, shopping with friends on your social network isn’t something you would have thought of. Now you can include your friend in your shopping whenever you want to. Have a look at what your friends are buying and adding to their wish-lists and make arrangements to buy those things for your friends. Tag items that you think your friends will be interested in and make the buying process easy for your friends and contribute in their shopping by making personal suggestions this way.

The most praiseworthy thing about Qporia experience is that it will save you a lot of time on online shopping. On other networks you have to visit the official website of the product maker to order. On Qporia you can order everything right from your social network. Lastly, Qporia makes sure that your buying habits and the products you often search are used for your benefit in future. Thus, the website stores this information and gives suggestions to you of only the products that you might be interested in. In short, you won’t be looking at ads that are annoying and completely irrelevant to what you would like to buy.

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