What Marketing Strategies Should Musicians Use; How Internet Can Be Helpful

Let’s face it; a musician would prefer to buy a guitar or some related instrument than spend money on an extensive marketing plan. However, in today’s competitive environment, musicians and bands need to get as much exposure as possible if they wish to survive. YouTube has made it possible for just about anyone to become a singer so there is a lot of competition in this profession. Due to technological advancement, the digital music market has expanded so online music advertising has become the norm. Oddly enough, most musicians don’t have a plan for marketing their music online.

Recently, founding members of CherrySuede, Randy Scott (lead vocals/guitar) and Randy Young (lead guitar/vocals)—with a potent mix of passion, talent, and skill, have proved to the music industry, and more importantly to their fans, through tireless touring and successful recording that independent artists have a voice, a loud one. They were in a group of around 100 brands that were selected as Indiegogo partners and were one of the first bands handpicked by the online concert venue StageIt. The very effective use of technology, social media, etc. successfully as a band has helped them create a new business model. Shamal Ranasinghe, the co-founder of TopSpin, writes about them;

“You’ve done a fantastic job creating a community that can value 
your music and being a part of your art.”

According to Randy Scott and Randy Young, every musician should keep in mind that marketing isn’t about putting up posters in record shops and popular spots or posting on social networks. Some very interested information from the group along with their free downloads, is available here. It is possible for musicians to weave marketing in everything they do when it comes to getting in touch with the public. Here are some tips that bands and musicians should use when it comes to internet marketing:

1- The first thing that musicians should remember is that instead of using every possible method available, it is best to stick to a few best ones. Every day, new social networks pop up, but it isn’t necessary for artists to go running to them. They should make it a practice of mastering a few social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and maximize their exposure and marketing efforts there.

These networks allow musicians to build a personal relationships with their fans. Their fan base gets to see them communicate like normal people and asks questions about their music. New clips of videos and songs should also be posted for feedback as this makes fans feel valued.

2- Most musicians are able to build up a huge email list by asking for emails at their websites and at concerts. They can take advantage of this email list to give away free music, organize other giveaways and share the latest tidbits about the band and the music they are making. Give value via your emails and fans will respond likewise.

3- Creating videos is also a very useful marketing strategy for musicians and bands. They can make personal videos of their time in the recording studio or singing at home and post them on YouTube. Similarly, videos of every band member giving their opinion about their music and even giving details about their experiences can interest the fans and drive them to visit their website and social profiles.

4- Blogs are another way musicians can get in touch with the public. As they are informal, artists can be frank and open and let fans get to know them informally. They can discuss their opinions about different subjects and build relationships with the public in this way. Guests should be given the opportunity to provide comments on their posts as this also improves communication.

Musicians and bands can also give incentives to their fans for participating on their blogs, social profiles and websites such as free tickets or signed posters and albums.

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