The Best Laptops Available; What to Buy?

With Windows 8.1 already here and Windows 10 not far behind, Laptop-tablet hybrid getting more releases and Ultrabooks rapidly gaining popularity, it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to choose the best laptop for your needs.

Cheap laptops such as Chromebooks are more capable and powerful than ever whereas high-end devices, such as a Dell laptop, are perfectly good replacements for your desktop PCs as they have the ability of coping with more intensive programs. In order to choose the best laptop for meeting your needs, you first have to decide what you will be doing with it. Otherwise, the choice will be impossible to make.

An Ultrabook is the perfect one to drool over if you are after a lightweight machine that can be carried easily and has a fast boot-up time. A convertible tablet-laptop hybrid may be the top choice of those of you looking for flexibility while serious gamers will fancy a machine that has been tailored to meet their processing and graphical needs. At first it may seem a bit overwhelming with all the choices, but there is a perfect laptop out there somewhere that’s just for you. Previously, there were just two categories of laptops; those for labor and those for leisure. Today, there are plenty of other options you can explore and here are some major ones:


Devices that fulfill certain standards of power, lightness and size, Ultrabooks have been established by processor-maker Intel for helping customers loyal to Windows compete with Apple’s Macbook Air. The result has led to the introduction of some premium machines that have given Apple a run for their money.


As their name indicates, these beefy laptops have been solely designed for work and focus on productivity. Instead of looks, the manufacturers of workstations focus on giving their customers security, easier access to the internal stuff and a greater number of ports, along with powerful processors.


These have become a category of their own and are dependent on Google’s infamous browser Chrome. This means that the browser is used for doing pretty much everything; whether it is listening to music, creating word documents or printing them. The result is an excellent system that works in low-end hardware and makes them ideal for the education sector and budget market.

Hybrid or 2-in-1 laptops

This category is primarily for those who keep on jumping between the tablet and laptop frequently. They are made as tablets, but can become laptops with accessories or may also be made as laptops with detachable keyboards to serve as a hybrid. The idea is to provide a single device that serves both functions.

Gaming Laptops

Pulsating lights, hulking size, whirring fans and garish paint job; all signify a gaming machine. However, this paradigm has started to shift with the light-and-thin and stylish gaming laptops available today, but they still have power processors and graphic cards.

General use Laptops 

Categorizing these notebooks is tough. These are basically the mid-range and budget laptops, a step up from Chromebooks and they mostly don’t have any stand-out characteristics.

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