Chris Baird Consulting Scam

Chris Baird consulting (CBC) was or is advertised as a firm that was founded on the basis of expertise, experience and successful business practices. He was thought to have experience in real estate investing, sales, marketing and coaching. His consulting firm was involved in making investments in real estate on the behalf of individuals, but it has come to light that Christopher Paul Baird has just been operating scams out of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Currently he is being investigated for a number of issues including wire fraud, fraudulent business practices and larceny. According to reports, he made use of a plethora of investment scams to cheat multiple businesses and individuals all over the west coast out of large sums of money.

Everyone has been warned to remain wary of Chris Baird Consulting because he is regarded untrustworthy and dangerous. Furthermore, he is also known as an illicit drug dealer and a drug addict himself. He used his consulting firm as a front and established two websites; and He made use of these websites as platforms for operating as scams. He basically advertised himself as a well-connected and well-educated investment adviser. He even goes as far as claiming himself as friends with some of the most influential and prominent leaders of the country such as Robert Shemin, John Maxwell, Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Rudy Giuliani and Colin Powell.

However, this information is false and is just used by Chris Baird for getting his hands on people’s money so he can just steal it from them. He has also fabricated his background, which includes purchasing over 500 multi-family and single-family units. These are all lies because he wants to bait people in to trusting him with their money, which he then uses for maintaining his own personal lavish lifestyle. All claims made by him are blatant lies and this will be revealed through a quick Google search.

Chris Baird also claims to have 3 different degrees in Finance, Business and Marketing. Investigation shows that there isn’t any record of him obtaining any of these degrees so this is again false information that he has provided. Chris Baird has also proclaimed himself to be a mentor and his consulting firm will ensnare you into their web of delusions and lies until you have written them a big check in the hope of making a substantial return on your investment. This doesn’t happen and the money is taken by Chris for fueling his own expenses and luxuries.

His websites also have a complete Testimonial sections where you will find fully positive reviews. Some quick research shows that all these reviews were simply fake and were written by a ghost writer or a third party. Authorities are trying to warn people in order to stop his reign of theft and terror. Even though he is being investigated, he still remains out of the reach of authorities in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area. This man should be avoided at all costs. 

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  1. I'd love to see some kind of facts surrounding these allegations. Can you provide the facts on how he "ripped" you off. You make a lot of harsh claims but it's hard to tell if you're a disgruntled ex or have a valid complaint? I'd like to know the truth either way.