How Important Backlinks Are for Google Ranking

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Google has openly said that their prime focus or prime objective with Google search is User’s Satisfaction. This 2 word term “User’s Satisfaction” has opened never ending ocean of developments around Google’s algorithm of search engine. Google take all inspirations for their search algorithm development from these 2 words only. They think, re-think, and think again and again to improve satisfaction of users. They always try to deliver exactly the info which searcher is looking for. In their attempt to deliver exactly those pages which contains information which searcher was exactly looking for, they started producing a top 10 results with mixed type of pages such as –

Few local businesses in the result.
Few relevant video links
Few relevant images
Few top notch websites
Few most relevant pages (content wise)
Few informative pages
Few sales pages etc.

The Google algorithm keeps on improving on daily basis and every change is focused on just two words – “User Satisfaction”.

So, when it is all about “User Satisfaction” then obviously it’s all about content of website, because ultimately it is only content which is delivered to the users. There is no connection between backlinks of webpage which is delivered to the users by Google search. Users have nothing to do with the quality of backlinks, quantity of backlinks of the webpage which is delivered to him by Google search result. So, question arises… Do backlinks have any importance? If yes, then in what way & how much?

In order to answer these questions, we need to understand one thing… Google’s objective is “User Satisfaction” in real terms, in practical world and not just with the content of a web page. What if someone has made super good content for his webpage but in real world he is a scammer? Google has to check such smart scammers. So, what options are available in front of Google? Google has to seek the reviews, references, popularity of webpages before they can be placed on top ranks. Exactly here comes the role of backlinks and social media popularity. The more people refer webpage, better it is. Backlinks are one of the prime methods to check acceptability of webpages. Hence, backlinks are super important of Google Ranking. Google is doing every possible thing in order to deliver exactly those pages to searchers which they are looking for. So, we need to consider every aspect of website in order to get top Google ranking.

There are several articles and posts around Google ranking methods and techniques, but this page here How to improve google ranking not only describes the methods to improve google rankings but also recommends appropriate tools and gives amazing resources as well.

After understanding the importance of backlinks in getting Google ranks, next question arise in mind is… what approach should be obtain to get backlinks that counts towards Google ranks? In order to understand this, we need to look at those ultra important 2 words… “User Satisfaction” once again. Google seek for genuine signals of popularity and references. Now assume that you have got real super quality content on your webpage, then how people will react towards it?

Take example of say… some critically important tips for students to clear some particular examination. How students will react? They will share those tips with their friends via verbal communication, via phone, via email, even via writing on their blogs. Similarly, when people come across some really good information, they tend to share it with their friends, their customers & vendors (if information is applicable). They write on forums, blogs, magazine, shared files, comments, videos they make, and what not. And they do link that valuable informative webpage with anchor of their choice. Hence, backlinks should be from wide variety of websites with wide range of similar anchors. I hope this article help you in some way. 

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