How to Find a High-end Dedicated Servers Provider

Your web hosting needs begin to change when your online business gives off signs of success such as high volumes of transactions and high number of customers and you clearly need a dedicated server. Perfect for e-commerce websites and large businesses, a dedicated web server provides you with a powerful solution for meeting all your online business’ needs. You can get a robust and unparalleled hosting environment for your website and essential e-commerce applications as opposed to a shared server. With dedicated server hosting, you can reap the benefits such as fast data access, optimum performance and easy accommodation of high traffic volumes.

There is no denying that dedicated server hosting can offer you greater security, flexibility, reliability and the greatest level of website performance. But, this is only possible when a high-end dedicated server provider is chosen. Only if you opt for a superior quality dedicated server web host, you can provide your target audience with the best experience and handle your website with ease. You just have to know what sets them apart from low quality services. Some of the attributes that you can only see with high-end dedicated server providers are outlined here:

Hardware Quality 

A bunch of old components held together in an old metal chassis is what you see when you hire a cheap dedicated server web host, but it is definitely not something you expect from a high-end dedicated server provider. They have good quality hardware, which typically include enterprise-grade HDDs and even SSDs. They usually have branded servers such as Dell, HP or Supermicro because they are highest quality brands of servers available.


Support is offered by every dedicated server web host, whether low quality or high-end, but the level of support can vary significantly. Quality dedicated server hosting services will offer their customers with 24/7 support options and have very quick response times on different channels such as live chat, phone and support ticket. The support system doesn’t just send you to the F.A.Q section or to a link; it provides you with actual help in resolving your problem as quickly as possible to avoid any downtime.

Operating System 

High-end dedicated server providers offer all the main Linux and Windows distributions. They may charge an additional monthly fee for Windows operating systems because they need a paid license, but they can provide you with the support you need.

Control Panel 

Cheap dedicated server hosts will either offer their own control panel or those that aren’t much popular or widely used. In contrast, high-end dedicated server providers give you some of the most renowned control panels such as Plesk or cPanel/WHM (Webhost Manager). This makes it easier for you to migrate your websites to another server in the future.

Apart from these qualities, high-end dedicated server providers also provide support for additional software installation and have hardware replacement guarantees. Their datacenters aren’t crammed and can provide you with the best level of uptime.

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