9 Free SEO Tools That Boost Your Visibility on Search Engines

9 Free SEO Tools That Boost Your Visibility on Search Engines

Search engine optimization has become an essential part of every business that wishes to succeed online. You want to be ranked high in search engines in order to boost traffic to your website because these visitors eventually turn into customers. This is how you boost your sales and thereby profits. However, there is intense competition in the market and SEO gets tougher with each passing day as Google keeps changing its algorithm. This is where premium and free SEO tools can come in handy because they are especially designed to aid in optimizing pages for higher rankings.

There are both free and paid tools that you can find, but why pay when you can use the free ones to your benefit? Free is great when it is giving you more traffic, rank, reputation and money. There are tons of free SEO tools that eliminate the more complicated and time-consuming work associated with page optimization and provide you with quick and great results.

List of Free SEO Tools

Some of the best free SEO tools you can find in 2017 are highlighted below:

1.   Google Analytics

Like air is to survival, Google Analytics is to a web-based marketer, which means that you cannot live without it. This is one of the most highly recommended tools because it is an excellent data source that can provide you with detailed and high quality information. It is a critical foundation of information about your site visitors, the traffic you are getting and lots of other factors. All this data can be used to decide what you are doing right and what needs to be changed to get the right ranking. Google Analytics is a must in this Google-dominated era.

2.   Google Webmaster Tools

This free SEO tool is as important as the food you eat. Even though it is called the Google Webmaster tool, it is not just for webmasters. The primary focus of the tool has everything to do with search optimization. The dashboard is where you keep your eyes locked as it not only provides you with the same data as Analytics, but does it in a more straightforward and simpler way. You have easier access to the numbers, but the most important data you get from this tool is the link data. It allows you to check your backlinks and remove those that are spam or toxic for your website and can get it penalized.

3.   Keyword Planner

Since the Keyword Tool is no longer available, the premier way for finding and researching keywords is with Keyword Planner. It is the place to start when you are looking for appropriate and effective keywords for your website, and the greatest part is that it comes with all the functionality that was found in the old Keyword Tool. The difference is that Keyword Planner is more focused on generation of AdWords rather than just a simple organic keyword research.

4.   MozBar

With MozBar, the name of the game is knowledge. If you study it properly, you will realize that search engine optimization has a lot to do with knowing the right stuff and this is exactly what MozBar helps you in doing. You will find the MozBar button right in your browser’s toolbar, which is where all the action is happening. You just have to click on the button and it will provide you all the information you may need about the website you are visiting. There is also the option of positioning the button wherever you want in your browsing window. There are three main categories of data, which are Page Attributes, Page Elements and Link Data. The first shows deep on-size optimization features like load times, while the second shows you surface SEO details like title tags, description tags, etc.

5.   Woorank

Initially, Woorank will come off as just another free website analyzer, but in reality, it provides great insight. Any website can be analyzed, and a report can be generated in seconds. There is a ‘Top priorities’ section that can be used for customizing your 404 error page, being consistent with keywords, improving the Meta description and adding a robot.txt file amongst others. It provides some of the same data as Google Analytics, but the best section is that of the social share-ability. You can find plenty of social network data not available in any other free SEO tool. Mobile section is also quite impressive as it provides you details about your mobile efforts. The interface is smooth, the tool itself is easy to use and offers a fountain of useful information.

6.   Google Trends

If you are playing the game of chess, you need to be able to predict the future moves of your opponent in order to emerge victorious. The same applies to marketers who are trying to enhance their SEO efforts. You will have a huge advantage if you know where your market is heading and this is where the free SEO tool Google Trends can be handy. This tool shows you changes in search volume for different search terms, topics and entities. You can keep your content current and updated with this tool and also stay one step ahead of your rivals. When you are optimizing your website for search, it seems like a good idea to analyze any possible changes in search query behavior.

7.   GTMetrix

Your SEO efforts are majorly impacted by the page load speed of your website. These days, the audience has very short attention spans, and if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, they are likely to move on. Therefore, you definitely need a free SEO tool like GTMetrix for examining the load speed of a page and identify any areas of improvement. This enables you to polish your website. Also, GTMetrix is user friendly and very thorough to get the job done easily.

8.   Domain Authority Checker

To maintain your position in the search engines you have to get backlinks from authority websites. Domain and page authority of web pages are calculated by Moz. There are hundreds of online DA / PA checkers available that can help you to find out website moz authority for multiple websites.

9.   QuickSprout

The trick to stay ahead of your competition is to see how they are doing. This is a free website analyzer that lets you do exactly that. It has an intuitive and clean layout and it provides you with plenty of crucial information about your rivals such as traffic rank, SEO score, the number of errors they have had and the number of warnings they have received. You can do a comparison and see how you are doing in contrast and where you need to make improvements to stay one step ahead.

Using these free SEO tools can be a great help for a website that’s trying to increase its ranking in search engines to get more exposure.

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