Learn Saying No: Entrepreneurs Don’t Cry, Just Straightaway Deny

Learn Saying No: Entrepreneurs Don’t Cry, Just Straightaway Deny

I studied a chapter in school days, Saying No Nicely. It talked about quitting the people a pleasing job and denying the things that your heart doesn’t accept. There are people who have developed a tendency of not liked being disliked. The urge of being liked make them weak at saying no to others which compel them to say no to actually what they feel and want. Well, I guess entrepreneur of today is dug deep under this pressure. Entrepreneurs who can’t say no to others, I just have this simple question for you guys. Why you quit your job and pursued your dream? Just to say yes to everything coming your way?

Time and effort are something being a successful entrepreneur demands most. If you say yes to everything coming your way, you won’t be able to invest time in what you actually want to do. Sit back, relax, take a cup of coffee and just go to the flashback and recall all those moments where you said yes and did something you hated. If there is a series of such moments, dude, you need to put a break on it. Here’s a list of things that you can abandon right away be a happy man and more successful entrepreneur.

1) Work that Sucks

If you are indulging in a business that you hate, chuck it off. Every morning when you wake up, you will carry a dissatisfaction. No, I don’t want to go to work, such a negative energy you carry. Say for example you are a technical person and running a mobile app development company. You are implementing what you studied all these years, pretty much correct it is. Well, you are really good at writing and that’s the thing that actually makes you happy. Well, close your eyes and ask yourself, are you really happy with what you are doing. If no, you know what you have to do.

2) Eat Healthy and Be Wealthy

Eating habits affect massively to your mood, working abilities, and innovative thinking approach. Food is what makes you think you are living for. True, very true. You love sweets, you eat them. You like spicy food, you madly have it. All this ends you up in an expensive hospital with excessive weight gain with your hands holding reports showing diabetes, cholesterol, and many such diseases. Is this what you want? No!!! But you love food, food is your life. I know, you probably want to beat me up for this sarcasm, but all I want to say is improve your food habits. Diseases will make you weak, decreasing your working abilities and dropping your business profits. Eat healthy, work out, stay fit and become a healthy and wealthy entrepreneur.

3) Ditch the Witch

Dump to the bin, not just the trash but also people who behave like trash. Life’s too short to regret. Sometimes you are in the relations with the people who can influence in a bad way. Now, this can be any type of relation love relations, business relations, friendship or any other sort of relation. You once enjoyed being with them, they filled your life with profit and happiness. If this is long gone, there is no point carrying the boredom and making the life biter. Ditch all those witches from life and make time for those who actually matter and needed.

4) No Chamber of Anger

Anger can influence you to make bad decisions. Drop meeting people, doing things that make you angry. Most importantly, don’t rush into making any important decision when you are angry. These are actually secret tips for entrepreneurs to get success without sacrifice.Sometimes, you know these are a couple of things that can heat up your mind yet for other’s sake, you will do it and end up screwing your mind.

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