Goodyear’s Intelligent Tire Pushed Stock Against Market Fall

Goodyear's Intelligent Tire Pushed Stock Against Market Fall

Goodyear (NASDAQ: GT) didn’t hesitate to unveil its advanced tire concepts in this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. The consensus for the new intelligent type tire was that of general admiration. It seemed to show some promise for any future innovations whereas the eco-friendly one was met with a bit of skepticism. But still showed hope for what might be possible for our technology concepts in the near future.

The intelligent tire prototype also unveiled its information system which was still in the testing phase but showed a lot of promise. Goodyear’s engineers understood that more and more people have been relying on their mobile phones and that it is the answer to the future. They have made it possible for phones to help manage tire issues in real time for fleet operators, which can greatly improve their output. It gives out this information by providing updates through data sharing from the tire to the mobile phone to inform the user of the maximum uptime their tires and car can handle.

Eco-Friendly Tires

The second idea Goodyear’s engineers came up with was an eco-tire surrounded by live green moss. They created the tire with the knowledge that plants are able to generate electricity, and if we can harness that energy, there might be a lot of potential we can do for our technology in the future. Since we have figured out that the process requires synthesis, the plants might still be alive in there.

The tire has three components which made it work. The first is the core made of DuraWeb which ensures that the tires absorb shocks pretty well. Second, it is made of painted 3D layers so it will gather moisture on the road and finally the hubcap is engineered to be translucent to be sure that enough sunlight goes through for the moss to grow (photosynthesis).

However, a lot of people were not taken in yet with this project as there were still several problems Goodyear had not addressed to the public such as potholes or any contaminants that may kill the moss. However, most people acknowledged that it may be a start of something useful in the near future. Imagine not waiting for a bus as the energy from the plant will take care of the child in getting home safe.

Rising Stock Prices

For more than a month, it has been noted that Goodyear has been outperforming the same type of industry or business it belongs too. Their stock declined by only 5.6% while their industry decreased at 6.2%. It seems the company is still on the right track, and with the technology they have right now combined with coupon marketing, it would be best to try and see where they can go from here. There are is so much unlimited potential for today’s science and marketing, and Goodyear has given us a peak on what technology might be like 10 years from now.

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