Top Challenges Faced by iOS Developers with the Trending Technologies

Top Challenges Faced by iOS Developers with the Trending Technologies

Needless to say, Apple iPhone had revolutionized the way, the world used to operate the mobile phones. Launched in 2007, it is now dominating the entire mobile landscape. While having around more than 700 active million users, it is continuously in the way of making success stories.

Due to rise in the technological standards over the past decade, it is every now and then coming with the new version of iOS, thus making the app development toil.  Since the iOS app developed is used on the all the iPhone models, hence making them compatible with the new versions of iOS operating software, becomes very challenging.

So, here in this post, find out the top challenges faced by the iOS developers with the rise of innovative technologies.

Platform Compatibility:

Each and every iPhone is inbuilt with the different set of new hardware specifications and the developer should always keep in mind that the app, must be able to operate across all the versions with a seamless approach.  Therefore, making the app compatible with every iOS version and with every device that exists, often quite disturbs the mobile app developers.

Although, they can choose a particular iOS version, that their app will be supporting but then, it is important to analyze that the selected form of iOS had a large user base conserved. Other than focusing on the mobile app development, memory management comes as a major concern here. iPhone is not equipped with garbage collection system; hence make sure that the app does not crash while operating, as that can for sure lead to the uninstall.

In order to combat with such app crashing, choose the Objective-C or the Swift as the major coding standards, as they come with the features that majorly supports all the memory management activities.


Although, Apple is known to have its own rules for security and its systems are highly authenticated but sometimes, your app might not support the security guidelines prescribed by the Apple or maybe it had not been provided an update. In such a case, managing and storing user data becomes very crucial. It may lead to the data breaches, thus keeping the app updated as per the new iOS versions and the hardware capabilities becomes very challenging.

Battery optimization

With every iOS version that strikes, iPhone App Developers have to make sure that app is still working in the same way as before. The performance-related crises can be one of the major reasons for the app removal from the device.  Meanwhile, they must also make sure that the app must not consume the high user battery.

Therefore, giving the updates for the app optimization, with the incoming of any iOS update such that it meets all the performance and battery associated concerns is undeniably very adroit and at the same time consumes a lot of hard work from the mobile app developers.

User interface

Keeping the App interface and the user interaction enriched comes around as the most complicated tasks. iOS apps running on the Apple devices are greatly known for their clean and attractive user interfaces. So what could be done to the apps, when the updated iOS versions are launched? Simple, developers must keep themselves abreast with all the designing principles that are introduced, so as to keep the app alive and fresh.

Publishing on the Apple’s App Store

It is well-known fact that, developing the iOS app is much easier than getting it deployed in the App Store.  Apple comes with the most stringent app publishing guidelines and the developers must adhere to them for making the app published.

Sticking to the publishing guidelines benefits the app in the terms of monetization purposes plus at the same time allows the developers to give quick updates, at the time the new iOS version is launched.

Out there among 2.2 million apps present on the Apple App’s Store, publishing becomes very brainstorming activity; hence, one must ensure that the app is tailored to all the prescribed publishing guidelines.

Apple watch

The products of Apple are not limited to iPhone or an iPad, and it had embarked on its smartwatch and the other automation solutions such as AR, VR, IoT etc in the modern technical era.  Hence in such a case, it becomes a great concern for the developers, to resonate their apps with the smart watches and the current evolving solutions.

A plethora of wearable, AR, VR devices are being loaded into the market every now and then, hence it is vital to keep updating the app, and else the user for sure will abandon it. Thus, using the advanced technology that comes around to developing the apps had become a very necessary task.

In case, the iOS app developer fails to update their app with the coming technologies, for sure users will abandon their apps. Therefore, it becomes a very tough task to update the source code as per the emerging technologies.

So, for meeting with the nasty surprises that are introduced by the Apple, iOS app developers must remain updated for meeting the challenges that are coming every now and then. For developing the iOS app for the several businesses existing out there, being abreast is the only solution that calls for.

Wrapping up

If you are an iOS app developer, it becomes very crucial to be in touch with the latest technologies coming around. In this hyper-competitive marketplace, being with the pace, where innovation is the key, the developers must know the ways to combat the aforementioned challenges.

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