Why More Australian Businesses Are Using Videos in Their Marketing Strategies

Australian Businesses Are Using Videos in Their Marketing Strategies

Long or short, videos can have a positive impact on the traffic and conversion rate of your website. Consumers don’t just like to read content; they love watching videos. As compared to a text-based advertisement, videos are more powerful and effective due to which they are gaining popularity. This is something many of Australian businesses have realized in time, so using videos is a trend among businesses here.

Many businesses in Australia are doing it because YouTube video marketing can go a long way in providing great exposure for your business. Some of the prominent advantages these businesses are enjoying are as follows:

Incredible Reach

The video-sharing platform has the potential of reaching the greatest percentage of the population as opposed to other mediums. According to the latest statistics about YouTube, more than 1 billion people visit the platform every month and about 6 billion hours of videos are watched.

Search Engine Optimization

Research has shown that about 70% of the top 100 listings on search engines such as Google are video results. Posting videos about your website on YouTube can get you better ranked in search engines and this is a benefit because search engine is the first stop of potential customers when they are searching for a product or service.

Sharing Ability

If viewers enjoy and appreciate what they see, the video instantly goes viral in the video marketing universe without you having to invest another dollar for expanding its reach. This is due to the fact that viewers enjoy sharing videos they think will entertain, inform and educate. As long as your video is interesting, your website can be promoted rather quickly through YouTube.


Other forms of marketing such as television marketing or even other online marketing methods are cost prohibitive for reaching a significant portion of the target audience. In contrast, video marketing via YouTube can actually be cost-effective. Even if you have a small budget for promoting your website via YouTube, you will still be able to surpass your marketing goals.

Obtain Feedback

As opposed to traditional television advertisements, consumers are more likely to leave their feedback and comments regarding online marketing messages. This means that when you post a video about your website on YouTube, viewers can leave comments underneath the video in which they express their opinion. This gives you the opportunity of beginning follow-up conversations with the viewers and garner useful knowledge that you can use for enhancing your website.


Old advertising standards only comprised of estimated frequency and reach statistics. This meant that it wasn’t easy to prove whether a specific message had been received by customers and they had been engaged or not. Today, you have advanced analytics available that you can use for learning who is watching your YouTube video and when. This will aid you in knowing how much exposure your website has gotten and the effort still required.

More and more businesses in Australia are using video promotion in the marketing strategy for their website. YouTube is their best option to do this. The power of YouTube has been demonstrated by the many celebrities and artists that launched their careers through it. Your business too should benefit from video marketing strategy in order to attract more customers, or you might be left behind in the race.

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