6 Best Places to Buy Refurbished Laptops

6 Best Places to Buy Refurbished Laptops

New laptops are not always affordable and they are also not always needed. Sometimes, you just need a laptop for simple jobs but you have to spend so much on anew one. This is where all the refurbished laptop stores help you.

You can very easily buy refurbished laptops today in great conditions and use them just like new ones. Stores like amazon, shopclues, best buy and Ebay etc. sell well checked refurbished laptops. Also, this is way better than buying a laptop from someone else yourself which you don’t even know would work well or not. Let me introduce you to some of the best websites for buying refurbished laptops.


Amazon is the best store to buy anything, literally. From the smallest thing like a knife to even huge things like furniture, you will get anything you want. As for refurbished laptops, amazon is well equipped with them. Any brand you want, dell, HP, Lenovo or Asus, you will get good quality refurbished laptops at discounted prices.

All the laptops are well checked and go through a series of test to make sure you get the best. All the products that have been checked will be available as ‘certified refurbished’ on the store, so that you know what to buy. Along with that, the price of the new one will also be given so that you can compare too. The best part of all is that you 6 month warranty with the product and no one else gives warranty for an old product.


eBay is the best site to buy old laptops because the store mostly deals in refurbished stuff. You can find old models of brands like Toshiba and Linx as well. This is useful when you have an old laptop which has been discontinued but buying from eBay can help you change its parts.

You have seller review just alongside the product so you can make an informed decision. Full disclosure is done for the product, any scratches anywhere are mentioned all in the description. Trust is what eBay stands on and they have never breached it. Along with that, you have a lot of ebay offers to choose from and get discounts.


Shopclues has a whole category of refurbished laptops for you to shop from. All the refurbished laptops at shopclues are expert certified and carry the same offers that you would get on any other new product. All of these products go under a 7 step quality check so that no bad product comes your way. You will also get extra clues bucks if you buy any old product, especially laptops.

Some of these products are also available on EMI payment option as well. Most of these products have up-to 80% off on them so you get a lot of benefits when you buy a refurbished laptop from Shopclues. No brand has been excluded from the collection at Shopclues but you will get best deals for Dell laptops on the store. SO, if you are looking for something like that, you know the store.


As the name suggests, of the store, what you get is literally the best of all. Most of the delkaers in old laptops just give you something in a really bad condition which sometimes isn’t even workable. This is never the case with best buy. The store gets the best possible laptops from around the market and makes them go through all kinds of tests. You have a laptop buying guide available on the store which tells you which is the best product for you.

Offers are just something the store is loaded with. Every old product has a free item included in the package, no matter what you buy. Extra offers on anti-virus etc. are also available so you can build a bundle and buy all of it together.


Dell has an exclusive online store for refurbished laptops. What’s better than buying an old laptop from the main brand store itself. The store is quite trustable as it offers great service. The product range is also wide with oldest to latest refurbished laptops available in great conditions. The store shows what the price of a new laptop was along with what you are paying for it. This shows you how much you will be saving.

As for savings, the store is amazing because of the offers. Any order above 18000, gets free delivery no matter what you have purchased. What’s best is that the warranty of the product is extended to 1 year which no other store gives.


Flipkart is one of our most trusted websites from where we buy things quite often. It has the fix for anything we need, including refurbished laptops. All the products are well tested and you get a wide variety of them at the store. Maximum refurbished laptops are available from Lenovo and Dell with maximum offers. 1 year onsite warranty will be included without a doubt. If you want, you can even exchange the laptop in 10 days if you find something isn’t right. The store offers great service with great discounts. Now you can even exchange an old laptop for another old one. This will be your new way of upgradation.

No matter which site you buy the refurbished laptop from, all of these are very well trusted and assure that you will get the best product only. Continuous offers also keep coming and going with these laptops so be on the lookout just in case.

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