Tips To Combat Stress

Tips To Combat Stress

Okay so, this fact might surprise you but biological stress is quite a recent discovery. Yes, that’s true. In late 1950, endocrinologist Hans Selye would document the first ever stress case. However, stress had its grasp over mankind long before Mr Hans discovered it! But we should be thankful to the guy that his researches allowed people to know about this vice of the 21st century and ways to cope with it! Over 70% of UK adult denizens report that they feel stressed. Since everyone should be aware of the numerous ways they can free themselves, why not seize the moment to go through these tips that can make you combat stress!

Stress… here we come!

Music Is A Lullaby

If you feel that a stressful situation has cropped up and that could seriously be around for a while, why not take a break and listen to some relaxing music? In fact, that could be quite helpful to soothe your nervous system and at the said time, allow you to view things with a better mindset. Music helps lower blood pressure, reduce cortisol, a hormone related to stress, and help you relax better.

A Friend Is In Need!

And that friend is you! If you feel that stress is coming right up at its peak, call a friend and have a nice chit chat. Discussions and communication enhance good relationships and will imperatively enhance the bonds but at the same time, will allow you to voice out. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can prove to be quite efficient in combating stress. Now, don’t end up gossiping at such an extent that it adds up to your stress!

Talk To Yourself

Believe it or not, talking to yourself can have a great impact on your mind, in a positive way! In fact, around 51% of UK adults do not agree on sharing their stressful situations with a friend or family member. In that case, why not consider yourself that perfect friend? Take a break and talk calmly to yourself and don’t worry about sounding crazy. Just start talking about why you’re stressed, how it has affected you and the can you overcome it. Such a simple task can help you have a bird-eye view of the problem and as such, sort it in a better way!

 Play Games

Apart from giving us stress, the 21st Century gave us another thing… games! With numerous games available on the internet, feel free to tune in any online gaming site and choose the genre of games you want to play whenever the stress starts mounting. Sites like Spin and Win houses a massive collection of slot and online casino games. You could always pop up on the site via your mobile, tablet or desktop device to relax your nerves a little.

Sleep Tight

A good night of sleep can cure the harshest of stresses! Take some time and dust your bed off, put some fresh white covers and lay down. Heave a sigh of relief and sleep soundly. It is always recommended to turn off any alarms, messaging, apps notifications before going to sleep. Or just turn the device off! Better that way. Sleep is the most natural way to deal with stress, leaving your mind relaxed, rested and enhances your energy upon wake. Obviously, don’t forget your meals when you wake up!

Stress is indeed an unavoidable part of life however, that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. Untreated stress is potentially harmful and can lead to physical and mental problems. Good news though, it is manageable and with patience and these tips and tricks, you would surely be a happy little winner against stress!



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