Top 5 Sales Software Solutions to Speed up the Sales Cycle

Top 5 Sales Software Solutions to Speed up the Sales Cycle
Whether you run a small business with a few dozen employees or a larger company with hundreds or thousands of people on the payroll, new sales are the lifeblood of your organization. If you’re like 71 percent of company owners, closing more deals is the top priority for all your sales efforts. To do this as efficiently as possible, you need to keep up with the times and utilize sales automation software that streamlines the process and ensures your people aren’t wasting time on unproductive tasks. The following five software tools will help you speed up your sales cycle, so you’re closing those deals faster.


This sales automation software enables you to send personalized bulk emails to a targeted list and then keep track of who opens them and who clicks on links within the emails. Its prioritization of inbox messages allows your team to be spending their time where needed to close more sales. It also does this by tracking the webpages visited by prospects and categorizing them based on their actions while on these pages. Freshsales also integrates with their Freshdesk product to add a help desk system.


This software is excellent for giving you a comprehensive view of all your sales pipelines. It shows you how far along each deal is progressing and what actions need to be taken. It lets you monitor the sales activity of your team and individual members of the team as well as generating useful sales reports and analyzing sales data.

HubSpot Sales

This sales solution is excellent for e-commerce sales automation. It’s simple to use and keeps your sales staff from wasting time on routine tasks such as email contacts and its reminders let them know whenever it’s time to do a particular task. They offer a free trial that enables you to try out its extensive features, which include pipeline management, inbox profiles, excellent reporting tools, and Integration of Outlook and Gmail.


Whether you’re in construction, finance, manufacturing, technology or offer professional services, the excellent sales software found at can help your business reach more prospects. Its features function as an AI assistant that enables your sales staff to close deals more quickly. It shows emails sent, calls logged, meetings held, and sales opportunities found and closed. Spiro saves time by eliminating data entry, and its reporting features enable you to accurately forecast sales.


This sales software excels at inventory management and lets you stay on top of your inventory across multiple channels and regions. After streamlining the process of getting sales and orders, it then enables you to process and fulfill the orders, send invoices and track payments. Its custom and standard reports are also great for tracking the results of your sales efforts.

If you’ve been dragging your feet on getting your sales team into the 21st century, the above software solutions are a great place to start in searching for ways to streamline and automate your sales process. Of course, there are other excellent software products out there, but the above list is a great place to start. You need to look at them all with an eye toward your specific company’s needs and how easily a particular sales solution will integrate with any other software tools you may currently be using.


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