The Advantages of Online Courses on Digital Marketing and Top Courses to Select From

The Advantages of Online Courses on Digital Marketing and Top Courses to Select From

With the success of digital marketing in business arena, the activities in the online world have gained significant momentum. This means every company must have someone who will work in the designation of a digital expert in order to help them build an effective online presence.

Digital marketing consists of many marketing processes, ranging from the internet to smartphone apps, SMS to email, social media, visuals, and search engine marketing structures. Since digital marketing has been established a vast growing subject, there are numerous courses programs that can be availed to be a master of its content.

With a good digital marketing course, you can gain a marketing vision and participate in the ecosystem, technologies, and tools of digital marketing and make innovative business models. Furthermore, these courses allow you to master the digital terminology, be familiar with the latest digital marketing trends, and learn how you can make a good intellectual strategy as well as deliver versatility in online-offline integrated projects using numerous digital tools.

Luckily, numerous internet giants such as Google offer a range of online courses on digital marketing that are intended to help you improve your marketing skills. The best part is that some of these courses are absolutely free of cost. Availing some of the best online courses on digital marketing not only help those actively working in the field but also are useful for businesspersons who seek to make their businesses successful in this fast-paced entrepreneurship environment.

In today’s modern era, where all types of business settings have to have an adequate knowledge of all possible aspects of the business, there are many online courses on digital marketing as well as on other marketing techniques that help business owners to acquire the best for them.

Digital marketing is a subject that was rarely chosen earlier because of its cost but today online resources make it possible for millions of people worldwide with an interest in marketing to benefit these free education programs. Following are 5 of the best online courses on digital marketing you can enroll in exclusively with Google and get a bright future in marketing.

Squared Online

This online marketing course covers 5 months of training program, teaching you 6 hours per week. Squared Online was founded by Google in collaboration with Home Learning College in order to provide individuals seamless digital marketing leadership skills. Like other online courses on digital marketing available, this program is taught by some of the top industry experts with a unique and practical approach for real-life training. Squared Online focuses on assessing the connection between digital innovations and rapidly-changing consumer behavior, highlighting the points how this connection will be evolving in the future. This program not helps you boost your digital marketing skills but also teaches you how to prose a company to build an effective digital presence for a successful growth of their business in the market.

AdWords Fundamental Course

With a special focus to enable you to be familiar with the basic and intermediate aspects of digital marketing and online advertising, AdWords is another excellent option to choose from top online courses on digital marketing. It consists of important elements such as how you can set up AdWords, handle a marketing campaign successfully, assess and optimize your marketing efforts. Once you are done with the training, Google gives you the opportunity to assess your knowledge based on the study material and get a certification. The assessment is taken with 65 diverse questions that individuals need to answer within given time, usually 90 minutes. In order to earn the certification, scoring above 80% is a must. In case if you do not success in the first attempt, Google allows you to retake your assessment so you do not miss the valuable certification.

AdWords Display Certification

This is indeed a good pick for those who are willing to obtain certification through online courses on digital marketing and succeed in the market. With AdWords Display certification course, you learn the basics of creating, managing, and optimizing display campaigns. Also, it teaches you how you can benefit from Google Display Network when managing AdWords display campaigns for an organization. The only prerequisite to avail the advantages of this course is to first take and complete AdWords Fundamental course that helps you learn the basics of the topic. An assessment can be taken to secure the certification as soon as you have understood the concepts. The best part of online courses on digital marketing is that they are very effective for marketing beginners who can always take their time to study and take free assessment anytime anywhere.

Google Digital Unlocked

Created by FICCI in the partnership of the Indian School of Business, Google Digital Unlocked provides individuals the foundation for learning the basic digital marketing skills. This course consists of the fundamentals of the topic, a thorough introduction and easy understanding of digital world and online marketing. The program teaches you to the ways for how you can effectively plan online marketing strategies, get insights on the latest developments in digital media, make a reputable online presence, get ads’ attractions, be functional with analytics, and so forth. Overall, Google Digital Overclocked is a full-ranged training program which allows you to take your time to go through provided study material. Quite contrary to other online courses on digital marketing, this program has a small assessment for each topic. Once you clear one, you can jump to the next topic and complete the program to get your certification.

Google Analytics Individuals Qualification

Last but not least, we have Google Analytics Individuals Qualification in our list of top 5 online courses on digital marketing. This program convers basic and advanced analytical concepts like planning, implementation, analytics principles, administration, configurations, attribution, reports, metrics, conversions, and dimensions. Like other online courses on digital marketing on our list, Google Analytics Individuals Qualification is free of cost, and enables you to secure its certification by taking an assessment of 70 questions in 90 minutes. The passing score is 80 percent and above.

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