Grow Your Instagram Followers For Your Business

Grow Your Instagram Followers For Your Business

It is interesting to know that Instagram is predicted to add approximately 26.9 million users in the United States in 2020. Instagram is indeed a great platform that is living its golden age. It is a highly targeted visual marketing channel for businesses. It provides an exceptional opportunity for brands to build a loyal audience. Like any other Social Media platforms, there are right ways to use, smart ways to use and wrong ways to use it. Your success and how fast you get that success depends on what methods you choose to buy real Instagram followers.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

Instagram is no doubt a well-liked Social Media outlet with millions of active users. Having more followers on Instagram means more views on your blog, a strong customer base and more sales for your business. You require getting more followers and increasing engagement on Instagram they n you should not waste money on buying fake, inactive accounts. There are real methods and even good Instagram bots available that you can use without risking your account. Also, don’t spend your time following the strategies of those who succeeded on Instagram. You need to hack your own ways to leverage the platform.

Let’s dive deeper into how a brand can grow its Instagram Following:

Like photos in your niche

One successful strategy to increase Instagram following is to like pictures of other people in your niche. When you like one or three pictures on someone’s account, it gives them a follower. You can leave a genuine comment that will allow the other users to discover you. How can you find users in your niche on Instagram? You can view the followers of your favorite Instagram celebs, or you can check hashtags.

Post on right time

Besides adding filters and posting engaging content, you should also consider the timing of your posts. If you upload content when your audience is not online, then fewer people see your posts, and it gets buried in the feed the next morning. The best time to upload content depends on what your targeted audience is and when it comes online.

Don’t use banned hashtags

Using banned hashtags can be a disservice to your brand. Never use banned hashtags thinking it would do favors to your business and help you reach more audience. You can spot banned hashtags by searching for it on Instagram. If it is showing in the recent and top categories, then it is not a banned hashtag.

Steal competitor’s followers

One of the best ways to increase following on Instagram is to steal your competitor’s followers. Like a photo, comment or follow a user. It will make you get noticed, and when you succeed in engaging, they will be your followers too.

Run a contest

Another great way to increase the number of Instagram Followers is to run a contest and offer giveaways. Ask them to tag a user in the posts you uploaded or comment under your post to take part in the competition.

Figure out what your audience likes

Do a little research to learn what clicked your audience. You should know on what posts they commented and what types of content they like. Once you understand what your audience likes it becomes super easy to keep them engaged.

Link your Insta account to other networks

People use more than one Social network these days. If you want to get more following, then you should link your Instagram account to other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, etc. It will help you bring more followers from other social networks you already have.

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