7 IT Stereotypes It’s Time to Change

7 IT Stereotypes It's Time to Change

People love technology, but when electronics breakdown, they can’t always save them.

This is where your IT department or hired IT professional comes to the rescue. They keep our digital worlds alive and thriving. The problem is they have to work every day despite several IT stereotypes.

Within the computer industry, the IT industry employs more than 1.5 million people.

To create a better work culture, it’s time we cleared up major stereotypes in the IT industry. If you’re working with them or dream of becoming one, you need to know who these people are and how they work.

Below are the top 5 stereotypes IT professionals face.

IT Stereotypes

Our world is becoming more digital in the realm of business and personal matters.  We rely on IT experts to keep us connected and smoothly operating. Yet, they face more stigma than most people in the workplace.

Even though we all need tech support, many people hold these archaic stereotypes:

1. Nerds Only

The nerd stereotype is extremely outdated. Essentially, this stereotype formed when computers were first being adopted into our society. These devices were difficult to use and access was limited.

If you knew how to work a computer back then, you were the outcast. In today’s culture, technology is present and integrated effortlessly into our everyday lives. It’s time to accept these days, we’re all a little nerdy and it’s a good thing.

Lean on experts like Champ IT Solutions for issues that must be solved using a higher level of nerdiness.

2. Control Freaks

Business managers often leave all the tech-related knowledge to the IT department. Yes, the IT department is filled with experts. But this decision makes problem-solving challenging.

Departments don’t spend time forming a basic level of tech awareness for employees. Thus, IT professionals have to work harder to figure out where the problem originated. It’s not that IT folk are controlling or dismissive. There’s just a knowledge gap between the pros and the newbies.

3. The Magic Touch

Unfortunately, IT wizards won’t have a magic button to fix every single problem. It’s important to realize some technical bugs cannot be reversed or solved. This doesn’t diminish their abilities and remember they’re only humans, too.

4. It’s A Boys Club

The common perception is that all IT folk are white guys who geek out about computers. Encouraging this stereotype further discourages women from joining the IT industry and excelling.

Although the IT industry is currently dominated by males, it is evolving. The National Center for Women and Information Technology is a prime example. They are constantly empowering women in the field.

5. Anti-Social

This stereotype stems from the fact IT professionals prefer emails over phone calls. When you break apart this request, it makes the most sense from an organizational stance.

Emails allow for database entries, recorded case information, and faster turnaround time. It’s not an anti-social problem, it’s an efficiency preference.

Changing the Tech Industry

These IT stereotypes are harmful to the growth of the tech industry. When negative thoughts persist, they hurt IT professionals and the people they serve.

This includes you.

With time and effort, IT professionals will be able to work in a more inclusive industry. Basically, a win-win situation for all of us. For more digital updates, check out our technology archive for new tech information.

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