Maintaining A High Resale Value of Your Smartphone

Maintaining A High Resale Value of Your Smartphone

In the fast-changing market of smart mobile devices, consumer behavior is constantly changing. Surveys and researches show that people are prolonging their upgrade periods. Depending on the region and certain other factors, people used to upgrade their mobile devices every two years or even yearly. That statistic is on a steady climb and is currently at 2.6 years on average. And this trend is only going to continue in the same direction as time moves on. There are a lot of factors that make up these statistics. Price is one of them, as smartphones are getting more and more expensive. Software and hardware are increasingly reliable and seldom breaks down. Thus, the need for a “forced” replacement is postponed.

Finally, the processing power for mobile devices has reached a point where an entry-level device is perfectly capable of doing about 95% of tasks that the flagship model does. The performance gap has become very narrow and people are increasingly opting for a low-powered but long-lasting and energy efficient solution. With all of this in mind, the market for second-hand smartphones has exploded. Here are some things to keep in mind if we want to retain as much of the device’s original value as possible.

Devices that age best

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing our smart companion. The looks, software, the camera (or cameras as of late), extra features, the price. The factor that everyone overlooks is the social status that smart devices represent. All of these combined, form the resale value factor. There comes a time when we have outgrown our current device. The money we could get from selling it, no matter how much of it there is, can surely help us in acquiring a desired new one. But to start with the basics, what are currently some of the models that inherently have the greatest resale value? Let’s list a couple. The iPhone X is currently on the top of the list. Apple’s ecosystem and design choices have long ago created a very large and dedicated fanbase. Apple has also always presented its devices as high-status symbol indicators. Combine that with the high asking price for the initial purchase and you have a formula that keeps the resale value very close to the original one.

High-end Apple devices have a tendency to become collector’s items. Only time will tell. Next in line is the Galaxy Note line of products from another tech industry giant, Samsung. Here, we will focus on the 8th generation, or most commonly known as the Note 8. Plenty of factors from our first example also translate to here but also has its distinctive features. The stylus is pretty much associated with the Samsung’s Note lineup in the general consumer’s eye. Combine that with characteristically big screens and performance numbers and you get a piece of equipment that will never get out of style. For further detail on any of these models, we can visit one of the many websites dedicated to our little smart companions, the Personal Digital.

Taking care of our equipment

The cold hard truth is that the moment we crack open our original, mint condition box, the value of it is instantly diminished. It is also a point at which our device is at its highest with regards to its looks. Luckily for us, there is plenty we can do to preserve as much of the original value as humanly possible. First and foremost, do not drop it! It is basic, it is elementary, but how many times have we witnessed those beautiful, engineering marvels being dropped on the cold, hard pavement? Way too many times. For those of us that have butterfingers, a case can be of great value. Personalized screen protectors are also commonplace today, despite the very advanced stock coatings. If we want to preserve as much value as possible for a resell in the future, we should definitely consider these options.

Minding the accessories

Our phone will always come with accessories in the box, along with the device itself. Usually, it includes a charger with a standard, detachable USB cable and a pair of headphones. These also need to be taken care of. Any other bundled accessories that we have held on to will only serve to increase the resale value of the device. The next owner will surely like to see those also in the original box. It will, by no means, be a deal breaker for most, but it will instantly reduce the price that we can ask for.

Finally, timing is everything. Mobile devices have the software aspect that we have to take into account. Android is advancing very rapidly. Depending on the brand and model of the device, OEMs might decide not to further support certain older devices. This will render them obsolete from the software side. The safest bet is always to sell it while it is still fresh and use that money to be a step closer to our next upgrade.

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