Should I Use PPC Marketing in 2019?

Should I Use PPC Marketing in 2019?

Over the last twenty-three years, digital marketing has changed exponentially – however, PPC has remained one of the most reliable and widely utilized avenues for digital advertising and marketing. It has played an integral role in the success of both large and small online businesses, and without question, PPC marketing is, has and will continue to be one of the most profitable marketing investments you can make.

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC or (pay-per-click marketing) is a type of digital marketing where marketers place bids to pay designated amounts of money every time their advertisement is clicked on. Search engine titans like Google and Bing make pay-per-click marketing readily available via keyword auctions. This is where PPC marketers bid on the understood value of a single click. PPC is a method of paying for individual website visits by being promptly featured above the organic search results generated by a search engine. PPC is a system of paying for each click and website visitor versus organically earning individual website visits. This makes it possible for marketers to efficiently reach target audiences by tethering their ads with specific keywords their customers commonly use in search engines.

How Will I Benefit from PPC?

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Budget Regulation

Creating a PPC keyword campaign and achieving targeted results seems far more complicated than it truly is. PPC marketing is almost as straightforward as its name suggests. At its core, PPC is merely a platform where a fee is paid for every click that an ad receives. PPC search results immediately gain an increase in visibility because paid results are featured above and to the side of free organic search results. Marketers only pay a fee for this ad space whenever the ad is clicked on. This makes PPC marketing a great strategy for controlling campaign costs and maintaining a strict budget. Accurate budgeting is a crucial part of any sustainable marketing practice. PPC campaigns automatically end when an ad receives enough clicks to exhaust its campaign budget. If an expired campaign was successful, then it can be re-launched anytime. A campaign that automatically expires at a set amount of money is the perfect solution to avoid overspending issues. This budget-friendly feature eliminates the possibility of unexpected expenses. The ability to set a specific campaign budget enables marketers to continually monitor and maximize their ROI or (return on investment). Both startup and longstanding business marketers are concerned continuously about ROIs. With proper PPC management, marketers can accurately budget days, months and even years in advance. PPC campaigns ensure marketers do not exceed budgeting limits unless they decide it is financially beneficial to do so.

Streamlined Customer Acquisition

PPC is all about strategic exposure. When a potential customer searches for specific products, services, or information containing your keywords, they are immediately exposed to your ad. Marketers can display a targeted ad directly to potential consumers who are using a search engine with the same keywords that are part of a PPC marketing campaign. For example, if a potential customer searches for “entrepreneur blog,” PPC marketers with a campaign using the keywords “entrepreneur” and “blog” make the search results display an ad for the specific entrepreneur blog they are marketing. PPC ads are presented to the right audience at the right time to acquire relevant potential customers, and ideally sales. Delivering a specific message to potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for information is the optimal time for an ad to achieve its desired effect. With PPC marketers can test, measure, optimize, reassign keywords and repeat until the best combination of ads and most effective keywords are discovered for each audience.

Expedited Marketing

PPC marketing campaigns are synonymous with ease of use and rapidly generating website traffic. A successful PPC campaign can be set up and active in approximately one and a half hours. By using a PPC marketing campaign, an advertisement can be featured on the front of the highly trafficked Google search engine results listing page in less than one hour. Comparatively, highly-visible organic search engine results campaigns based on SEO (or Search Engine Optimization), can also be beneficial. However, they take much more time to establish. Paid PPC and earned SEO marketing may seem like conflicting strategies, but they are highly related and work best in tandem. SEO is also crucial for your online business and should be considered a long-term commitment.


In 2019, PPC marketing is beneficial for business of all kinds and sizes. Actively pursuing PPC campaigns as a component of your overall digital marketing strategy will make sure you are visible to potential consumers at the right place and time. With the ability to continually measure, develop and reassess there is virtually no downside to integrating PPC marketing strategies into any business. To boil it down, everyone should be using PPC marketing because it offers limitless exposure for an expected price in a short time.


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