Understanding Your Audience: 7 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might be Guilty Of

Understanding Your Audience: 7 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might be Guilty Of


Content marketing refers to the process of creation and sharing of online materials with an aim of provoking interest for certain products and or services. Small and big brands have realized the power of this digital marketing method and the majority of them have started to create viral content as a way of enhancing their online presence. However, this method is not easy as it requires intense dedication and commitment while at the same time demanding a high level of patience. As a result, few companies make it in this niche especially those which seek and keep into practice the relevant details on how to stay committed in this path of digital marketing. With this in mind, here are the 7 content marketing mistakes which you should avoid:

1. You have not clearly defined your Audience

Before starting a blog, writing a blog article, or making a video, you should have a clear understanding of your ideal target audience. This includes knowing their pain points, motivation, and needs. This ensures that the content you create will add value to the audience

2. Having a poorly made/formatted website

Having a well-planned website increases the visitors’ experience and reduce the bounce rate. This includes having videos, articles, and images well placed and easily accessible to improve convenience and reputation.

3. Having one type of content on your website

The digital world is changing at a fast pace where people are spending less time reading articles and more time watching videos. Your content marketing campaigns should have the right balance between all these mediums.

4. You do not have a clear objective on the content you are producing

Most content managers do not have micro objectives on why they are writing an article or producing a video. Any content creator should have a clear idea on whether they are trying to get brand awareness, generate leads, or trying hard direct sales.

5. You are probably trying to sell before giving value

Anyone searching online is looking for a solution to their problems. If you attempt to sell products to these potential customers without helping them fist, then it can be hard to convert them to future customers. Instead, you should build a relationship and connect with their challenges before attempting to convert them.

6. Not comprehensively reviewing data

Any successful online marketer understands the value of data and analytics. If you do not know your numbers, then it becomes a problem to notice issues and solve them. Use the analytics to understand how many people read your article, bounce rates, and average time spent on your site. Dig deep and understand the percentage of the video watched, learn from the mistakes, and tweak it accordingly.

7. lack of retargeting strategies

Most marketers cannot effectively use their content to capture leads or retarget them in other platforms. The cost of acquiring a customer is going up every day and every content marketer should have a way of collecting leads through articles and videos. They should also code (pixel) their site to retarget the readers back from other platforms such as Facebook and bring them back to their sites. This will enhance traffic, ensure sustainability, and improve their search engine rankings.

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